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Rex4 and UTX

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No. UTX improves the accuracy of both vectors (rivers, roads, shorelines, etc.) and land classification boundaries. In FSX, for example, with the default land class, you may be flying over the real life location of Uncle Elmer's dairy farm but when you look down you see a gravel quarry. Real life land use changes over time and the technology by which land use is categorized also improves over time. UTX uses better technology and more recent data to give you the land class boundaries that most closely match the real world.


REX 4 Texture Direct improves the textures applied to water and clouds. It also has a few improvements to runway textures, adjacent grassy areas, lightning and weather sounds (rain, thunder, etc.). The two products are unrelated.


And, before it gets asked again, FTX Global does neither. It improves the image quality of the textures that are applied to the land classes. ORBX has promised two products which will do the same thing as UTX does (FTX Global Vector and FTX Open Land Class), but neither has been released yet.


The last category of similar add ons is mesh. These types of add ons improve the accuracy of terrain elevations, based on more precise digital elevation models (DEMs). FS Global 2010 is an example of a mesh add-on for FSX, P3d1 and P3d2.

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