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Advice on outcome of replacing mobo and chip reqired

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OK, so Santa was kidnapped and replaced by the Grim Mobo Reaper.


I am going for a 4770K, and an Maximus Extreme to replace the current (2700k and p8z68 delux. gen3).


I have a 480ssd for W7 64bit, a 480ssd for FSX, a 120ssd for extra's ( Weather, DX10 fixer, and other extras), and a 2TB black for personal folders and backup.


I also have 16gb of ddr3 Patriot Viper ram, and an Asus 680 (?? overclocked something or the other).


No 780 TI until next week here in Dubai, and I am looking at Gainward GeForce GTX 780 Ti Phantom, so even longer I guess.


I guess my main issue is as follows:


Once I add the new mobo and chip, and install mobo software, update bios, and reinstall w7 64, and (follow Nick's w7 optimization bible of course),will I be able to keep everything prior to the demise of my mobo?


I am referring mainly to my Firefox bookmarks, as I forgot to update my list in last nights backup.


I will be using the same C drive, and hope that also my hardware settings will be saved after I do a fresh W7 install over the current one on the drive (Network setup and permissions).


Thanks for any advice, and opinions on this, and everyone be happy and safe.

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If you didn't back up your C:\User\(Your Name) directory, then, no, you won't be able to return things to the way they were.


Best regards,

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Thanks for the heads up Jim.


I did not do so I am afraid, guess I am in for a horrid few days to get things sorted out.


I was planning on a new system by mid January, so was in the "planing" phase for the system, and have to react to the current situation.


Still, I will get a potential (10-50% increase from the new chip), so it may well be a good thing I guess.


How is your mobo Jim?


I quoted the maximus VI extreme, but it may be overkill, as I plan to OC to 4.6 max (H100 for cooling).



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OK Jim, the end result is pretty interesting, and confusing.


I went into the bios, clicked on my C drive and low and behold, everything was there with no changes.

It is running like nothing has changed, which is perplexing to say the least.


I went from an 2700k on a p8z68 deluxe gen3 to a 4770K on a maximus vi formula and as you mentioned and I expected a new install was in order.


Again, just to be clear, before I inserted the w7 disk for a fresh instal, bootmanager was missing and it sent me to the bios.

I thought that I was choosing the specific ssd for the fresh instal, but once I clicked it it booted from there and all is good.


I am testing it, and the only issue so far is that FSX is asking me to register my copy.


Any advice on this, or explanation?


Thanks for the help.

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