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TDS B787-3 / -8 in P3D v2.0 / 2.1

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I am unable to use any of the TDS B787s (-3 is my favorite) in P3D V2.0 or 2.1. V2.0 would CTD when selecting the aircraft. V2.1 doesn't CTD, but all it displays is a phantom (no aircraft visible), then CTDs when trying to do anything (i.e. start engines..)


I have verified that all of the special gauges are in the panel.cfg file and the gauges, effects and .CAB files are in their respective directories.


This has me baffled simply because I have other POSKY (B757), SkySpirit (B767) and TDS (B737) aircraft that I have no problems with.


I have a clean install of V2.1 with no addon sceneries. I use all freeware airport AFCADS.


All of these aircraft worked perfectly in FSX and P3D V1.4. I posted in the LM forum, but it was suggested that I post here. I will appreciate any suggestions and help.



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this is a late response, and unfortunately not a positive one, sorry.


TDS have not yet released a native FSX model of the 787. All packages you can find out there are still FS9 models. Check the mdl-file in the model folder: open it with Notepad for example, if in the first line you see the characters MDL8MDLH the AC is a FS9 model. If you see MDLXMDLH it is an FSX model. Thanks to other community members who pointed me to that trail.
However, there is other freeware aircrafts which are FS9 models (according to the detection method above) and that do still work in P3D2. For example, the Enigma Solutions ATP does show up and is flyable using a default panel (e.g. the Kingair panel); same with the PAD Dash4-Q800 (only the 2D panel is usable).


Back to TDS, I think I saw a post somewhere where they announced to release native FSX models of all their current development, but they did not specify when they would be able to do so.

Best Regards



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This is even a later response. After some dickering around, I was able to get the 783_TRENT.MDL to work in P3D v2.1 Then, of course comes the upgrade and....VOILA! it still works in P3D v2.2! Right now, I'm getting my GSX and FSUIPC back on track and will try to fly again tomorrow. I get the same flight  plan crashes (fix is imminent, I understand) when I create a new flight plan, but I have not had an issue with loading and already created flight plan, so IFR has not been an issue with me. Funny thing, in v2.1, the flight planner would always mess up the route altitude of a saved plan, in v2.2 it's OK.


What I really wonder is how these guys are locking 60+FPS. I am lucky to get 22-25 (I7-2770 3.2 mhz, 8g ddr3 ram, Radeon 7750 with 2g). Oh well, that is off topic, sorry.


Thanks for the help though. Late help is always better than no help.




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sorry for bumping a topic that is nearly a year old... blame google. 


How were you able to get the POSKY aircraft to show in P3d V2? The 757-200 in particular, I cant get to show up at all. Thanks.

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