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  1. Thats nuts. I cant believe a workaround has been made. Thanks Ray
  2. And how can you change the ID of the second one. I'm having a similar problem. I have 2 USB throttles (no yoke) and they are both being assigned same ID, thus only one works with FSUIPC.
  3. I've been using 3 separate Saitek throttle quadrants for years. I fly a lot of 4 engine piston aircraft, so having the multiple levers for mixture, pitch, and throttle has been nice. However.. since updating to V 3.4, I can no longer have 3 throttle quadrants active. Only 2. I use FSUIPC exclusively, and have the controls disabled within the P3D menu. I've tried everything... switching usb ports, switching quadrants, you name it I've tried it. Its not a faulty quadrant either. The one thats not working will suddenly begin to work if I unplug one of the others. Any ideas?
  4. Sorry to revive an old topic, but I too am having this issue. In fact, with Open Lc disabled and only highways enabled on vector (making it almost pointless to run) I still suffer a MAJOR VAS hit in the region noted above. Loading up at the default CYYZ or CYOW in the default piper cub starts with a VAS of nearly 3.1gb!
  5. speaking of lights, the strobe lights on most aircraft look horrible in V3 now. We're back to fs2000 strobes!
  6. Then why the heck did you waste everyones time with your reply? It has absolutely no bearing on the posters question.
  7. I will be moving my correspondence to the simforums.
  8. I'll try to reach out to him via the other forum. Thanks!
  9. Perhaps I am still missing something, but I have always thought that the camera function within OPUS is extremely convoluted and unnecessarily difficult to set up. That being said, Ive read the manuals and have tried for 2 years to successfully set up external aircraft views. I am able to successfully set up multiple VC views and can effectively cycle through those views using a key command I setup in the shortcuts. I use Cntl + J to cycle up and cntrl + I to cycle down. Why dont these controls work when I am switched to opus external view? I have setup multiple external views successfully. However I am unable to cycle through them. When in opus external view custom default view shows fine, but when I attempt to cycle to the next view, it puts me back into VC view mode. Please help.
  10. When disconnecting the Autopilot while on short final (in APP mode), I loose complete control... more specifically, the aircraft rolls violently or shoots straight up into the air. I am unable to regain control for about 15 seconds or so, which is usually too late. Just to clarify, the autopilot DOES disengage completely, but... The second I disengage it, the aircraft goes bonkers and will not respond to any manual control input for 10 to 15 seconds. I understand that support for P3d is not guaranteed, but when you offer a separate installer for it, that's a fair indication to your buyers that it will indeed function properly in P3d. There is also a forum topic about this issue in the QW forums at http://qwsim.flight1.net/forums/qw757-autopilot-big-issues_topic4114.html but, it doesn't seem to be going anywhere. Has anyone else experienced this problem?
  11. sorry for bumping a topic that is nearly a year old... blame google. How were you able to get the POSKY aircraft to show in P3d V2? The 757-200 in particular, I cant get to show up at all. Thanks.
  12. Hi Jim, thanks for taking the time to answer my question. I sincerely appreciate it. The scenery in question is for Darwin Airport in Australia. YPDN. I obtained this freeware scenery from here, on avsim authored by Roger Leupold. Inside the scenery folder, there are 6 bgl files. 2 of which show taxiways when opened in ADE.
  13. Ive spent the past 4 hours looking at posts on how to fix the issue in v2 where taxiways have vanished from certain airports. Most of the posts say you need the latest version of ADE. I have it. They then explain how to reset the flags using ADE. What NONE of them say is how to save the file and make it work in P3dv2. Its driving me nuts! Its like they assume you have a engineering degree and are a professional scenery editor. Forexample take at look at this link which explains how it is supposedly done in 3 short steps. http://scruffyduck.clarify-it.com/d/zq9mtw After looking at that link, I have the following simple questions. 1. Which bgl file do I open inside the scenery folder of said airport? I see 5 different bgl files in there. 3 of which open the airport diagram. 2. Once I have reset all draw flags by pressing the simple button, then click yes on the following screen, is says to do the following: After a short time the list will be redisplayed and the flags will be properly set. Save the list to return to the project. Remember to save the project to be sure that the updated information is stored. 3. How do I save the darn list? 4. How do I send the new modified bgl to the sim? Thanks for the assistance. This is all very frustrating . That link shows the first 3 steps perfectly. It even gives numbered pictures. But after that, it falls flat on it butt. Its as if the author got a booty call, and needed to upload the document within 60 seconds or else the prospect would be gone! lol
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