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  1. Switching from 4.1 to 4.2

    Ah, I see, thank you. I thought of something similar and your explanation confirms it. My trouble started always after asking for taxi clearance from (standard) ATC (which I control with numbers ...) or after switching 2D panels in the iFly 737 ... I shall be more aware of my key typing in the future until LM are going to fix this issue. Cheers Frank
  2. Switching from 4.1 to 4.2

    Yes, this is the only annoying issue in v4.2 I experience. Everything else is fine, like under v4.1. What workarounds, Jeroen, if I may ask? Cheers Frank
  3. Wow, that's cool. I need to tinker this together with my kids. Many Thanks, Mark! Best Regards Frank
  4. Definitely looks elegant, gliding this low above the water. Somehow reminds me of a ray. But can this really be the "future" of marine travel? I would hope not with an old propulsion concept based on burning fossil fuels. Its source of energy should come from Hydrogen fuel cells - this is what I call future. Apart from that I would love to try it in P3D Cheers Frank
  5. Justflight -33% incl. Arrows

    Thank you Dave. What a shame, but this saves me from an unnecessary repurchase. Best Regards Frank
  6. Justflight -33% incl. Arrows

    Hi, I am using the old CLS DC-10 HD package in P3Dv4 but of course the cockpit sounds are not working. Does the JustFlight DC-10 HD work well with P3Dv4? As I understand it, they are basically the same product. Thanks and Best Regards Frank
  7. Qualitywings or Captain Sim 757?

    Yes, Bill, I read all the posts above, including yours and I agree with your perception of the different offers. I just wanted to point out that waiting for a better 757 can become rather long and frustrating. That's why I suggested to get the QW757 for a good price (and I should have expressed myself less sarcastic). I am a bit frustrated myself since I am waiting for all the long haul aircraft I enjoyed so much in FSX to be re-developed for P3Dv4 since its' release. And there is no sign of them appearing on the horizon... (namely a good 767 ...) Cheers Frank
  8. Qualitywings or Captain Sim 757?

    Hi, The QW 757 may not be an in-depth simulated aircraft, nevertheless you get a lot of value for its' current price - btw. all models and engine variants are simulated, you get more than enough liveries, al in all for not more than 25USD (in their own store). You do not need to wait for this one. You cannot make a big mistake purchasing it. The new CS 757 for FSX? You may need to wait a year or more for it, taking their current pace into account they take for converting their FSX/P3D products to P3Dv4 - prove me wrong CS! The Level-D 757? Since when is that project running ... ? If I would not own it already, I would get it. Cheers Frank
  9. Hi Bill, Yes, there seem to be an inherent logic; but I was of course wondering if the installer wanted to touch any P3D specific files, like effects, gauges, etc. Thanks a lot and Best Regards Frank
  10. Hello, I got notified that the Quest Kodiak has been updated to P3Dv4 compatibility today, which is great. Additionally, it turned out to be an upgrade for free - very nice, thank you very much for your kindness! I wanted to install it into P3Dv4.1 immediately but came to a halt when the installer showed me the message: "One or more files are write-protected. Do you want to overwrite them anyway?" Hm, not sure; which files is it trying to overwrite? I am reluctant to go on without knowing more. Could anyone give me a hint, please? Thanks and Best Regards Frank
  11. Slow downloads from SimMarket

    Looking at only the big shops; SimMarket has always been good average for me. Not top notch, but not slow neither. PC Aviator (US) have never been fast, but they have become abysmal recently, and I think your location or your ISP does not make a difference; it's really at PC Aviator. Just a tick better was FS PilotShop. Best download speeds I always received from the FligthSimStore, Orbx, Aerosoft and JustFlight. With the download reliability at PCA I am holding back on purchasing large addons from them momentarily; even if there would be a tempting sale ongoing. Regards Frank
  12. A2A forum Login 3DLights Redux problem

    Hello Tony, Regarding the install of the Shocklight effects - when I was purchasing this addon years ago I remember that only one small document was coming with it describing the installation of the effects into addon aircraft. This procedure has not changed since FS2004 and is still valid for P3Dv3 where the light effects still work. But this task is a manual one. The installer recognizes only the default FS9 aircrafts and modifies the lights section in their aircraft.cfg files to display the Shocklight effects instead of the default bland light effects. For any addon aircraft you want the Shocklight effects to be displayed too you need to manually modify the respective aircraft.cfg file. I am not at my home computer, so I cannot provide an example for the moment. But basically you choose the landing light / taxi light or strobe light effect of any addon aircraft and replace it with the name of a Shocklights light effect that would do the same job. The effect files from A2A should have been installed to the "effects" folder in your FS2004 main folder. You should be able to recognize them by name. Theselights work well and the effects are indeed great IMO. The only place where it does not work is if the light effect of the addon aircraft has been programmed into the aircraft model. For example aircrafts that show flexing wings will not work with the navigation lights/strobe lights. The reason is that the A2A lights get fixed to a position in the aircraft.cfg file, while the lights in the aircraft model move with the wing tips. If you Google for shocklight effects and addon aircrafts you should be able to find plenty of configuration examples for nearly any addon aircraft out there. Good luck and Best Regards Frank
  13. My 10,000th post! Add-on giveaway!

    Congrats, Jeroen. I am looking forward for your next 10K posts. My guess is 250001 files. Cheers Frank
  14. Captain Sim Sale

    If you have been a customer on their own web shop you got an email notification about a sale in previous years. This season I did not receive anything so far. Regards Frank
  15. CaptainSim 757 Released!

    Thanks a lot, Dan!