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  1. Congrats, Jeroen. I am looking forward for your next 10K posts. My guess is 250001 files. Cheers Frank

    If you have been a customer on their own web shop you got an email notification about a sale in previous years. This season I did not receive anything so far. Regards Frank
  3. Thanks a lot, Dan!
  4. Do you happen to have a source for this announcement? I would purchase a QW 757 for v4 in a second without thinking - even knowing that systems wise it would not be more advanced then it has been 10 years ago. Best Regards Frank
  5. Patience is the magic word. There will be a sale eventually. And if time (and the devs) allowed the product to mature it may be worth the money even outside of a sale. Else, let´s wait for the sale. Cheers Frank
  6. Yes, you are totally right. Prices for especially CPUs and GPUs are totally overpriced. On the other hand, I see it as an investment over the next five years. Just think about the money you spend during five years for stuff you realize later you did not really need... Cheers Frank
  7. Looking at your list, yes this is impressive HW - and I agree with Rob on the MB, CPU and the GPU. If you could, I would always go with the latest HW generation. In my earlier days I always went for a future proof MB and a low level CPU to save money and then upgraded later to a better CPU when my bank account had cooled down. I stopped doing this when becoming more mature and realizing that I spent over the years more money for a system that only marginally became faster instead of getting the latest and greatest at the time and save the money up for the next PC (or other nice things). To make a long story short, I would go with the Z370/8700K combo. If had have the budget to get a GTX 1080 at the time it would have been the GPU of my choice, but I am happy with my 1070 as well. However, I have always stayed away from Water coolers. For two reasons, I do not overclock anymore and the thought of a leakage scares the wits out of me. Another thought when overclocking - you are aware of it I am sure; this heats up not only the CPU but the electronics around the CPU as well e.g. the voltage converters, the memory, etc. Are latest generation Water coolers able to remove the excess heat there as well? I am not sure, but I am sure fans will. The Noctua is a great choice; I have one in my system as well and it is silent - I am a fan of silent systems, another reason for me to not overclock. Whichever way you will go at the end, with the current HW you will get a tremendous performance anyway. I envy you for the possibility to upgrade now Ah, last thought, I am going to get killed for this one: have you thought of a recent Ryzen CPU? They have really caught up, and start to get interesting when looking at the performance/cost ratio.... Cheers Frank
  8. Hi Scott, Within the same series of chipset you cannot expect a big performance difference unless the manufacturer really screwed up the BIOS or the hardware. The biggest differences obviously are in the set of features such as connections, sound as you say and (less visible but sometimes audible) the energy management. Overclocking capabilities are a different story, but it was never a matter for me. Cheers Frank

    Nothing here for me. I was looking for the DO-228, but again - it's not on sale this time.
  10. Wow, this is a tough one ... I do not think this is a mesh issue, even if it looks like one on the first glance. I suspect still a conflicting bgl hiding somewhere. My last guess, do you have MT6 installed? Maybe on a different drive? Their attempts to correct default airports sometimes resulted in corrupted add-on airports. One last crazy idea; something that occurred to me a couple of years ago. I had added a freeware scenery manually to P3Dv2 and somehow I screwed it up such that the path to the scenery was pointing to \scenery\world\scenery at the end. I went to the OrbX forums to describe my problem because I have seen texture and other anomalies with Homer airport at that time. No one could help me until I detected my fault on my own ... just guessing now... Best Regards Frank
  11. Hi Mark, this could be a mesh issue, this could be a conflicting scenery issue - or an issue with the correct ordering of your scenery layers. Which version of P3D is this? Do you use a mesh product? If yes, which one? Did you try to disable it? Have you double checked that all OrbX products are layered correctly in the scenery library? Should be like this: From top to bottom: Any non-OrbX scenery on top FTXAA_OrbXlibs FTX_AA.. (airports) (KTEX among them) FTX_EU.. FTX_NA.. (regions) FTX_ZZ_Global_Airports FTXAU .. (AU region) FTXZZ_OLC_FixedAPT ORBX!OPENLC_EU.. ORBX!OPENLC_NA.. (openLandclass products) ORBX!OPENLC_zBase (lowest priority openLC product) Africa (Scenery\Afri) ORBX!VECTOR_OBJ ORBX!VECTOR_FIxedAPT ORBX!VECTOR_APT ORBX!VECTOR_CVX ORBX!VECTOR_EXX 1107 Base (Scenery\1107) 000 Base (Scenery\0000) ORBX!VECTOR_AEC ... below this I have my mesh product (FSGlobal Ultimate NG) ... Default Terrain (Scenery\World) (last entry in my scenery library) This is how it is working for me. Have you checked the FTX library insertion point? Best Regards Frank
  12. Have you checked OrbX own configurator for Telluride (in FTX Central v3)? They have three different elevation models to choose from for performance reasons. Please verify which level is active currently. Best Regards Frank
  13. I think that besides the performance question, the way add-ons have to be registered and organized in P3D (and all it's predecessors) was and still is causing the biggest pain with this hobby. "... I am seeing taxi way signs on the apron ... " is one classic where the issue in most cases was a misconfigured scenery library and add-ons interfering with each other or the base scenery. LM have it in their hands to lessen this pain - for the throughput question there will never be a cure Regards Frank
  14. Hi, The correct order of add-ons in the scenery library is a complex subject. Not only the order within a multi-layer add-on must be correct but as well the order of add-ons that cover the same region must be correct, especially if not being created by the same developer. There is a page created by OrbX showing nicely the dependecies of scenery layers and how they should be ordered to make them work. On this page of course they refer to their products, but the principle applies to all other developers' products of the same type. Understanding this principle is of utmost importance before one should go ahead changing the order of scenery add-ons manually. There is as well multiple tools that let you organize your scenery add-ons to bring them into any preferred order. For example I use often Lorby's Addon Organizer. This tool helps you to move scenery layers up or down in your library. However, for any specific add-on you purchased or you got as freeware, the responsibility for the correct order of the (potentially) multiple layers of the respective add-on is with the add-on developer. Either the add-on installer must add the scenery layers in the correct order to your scenery library, or the install instructions coming with the add-on must be unambiguous for you to add them in the correct order to the scenery library. Best Regards Frank
  15. Hi Bill, This was a very welcome coincidence In fact I got wild, I decided to add the HS 748 to the Turbo Arrows plus the DC-8 50-70 series. The latter because I wanted to add a freighter model to my hangar and because the HJG DC-8 models impressed me during my FS9 times ... great memories, thinking back to the days of these great freeware developers. The other models I will safe for a future sale. Best Regards Frank