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  1. I own both FSGRW and ASP4, but I stopped using FSGRW in favor of ActiveSky. My main argument was: If I need to pause my simulation in mid flight then simulator time pauses too, of course. ActiveSky respects this and does not continue to inject weather. FSGRW, however continues to download and inject weather while the sim is paused. For example, when you left your simulator pausing let's say at 1800Z and you returned 2 hours later to resume the simulator the sim time would still be at 1800Z but your weather would be from 2000Z! - At least this was the state of the software when I switched to ActiveSky in mid 2017. While I found in general that FSGRW was not a bad program, this trait was too annoying for me to keep using it at the end. Best Regards Frank
  2. No worries, Björn. Thank you for the link to Douglass' site; lots of interesting stuff there. And thank you as well for the great modifications for the various AC you provided free for the community. Especially the Load/Save gauge for the Learjet makes it a big winner for me. 🎩 Thank you for the hint, Al. In fact this file was present in the panel folders. I had a look again at the panel.cfg file. Here this gauge was not referenced anymore. I realized that the respective line in the [Vcockpit01] section was changed when having followed Björn's instructions in his PDF to the line. So in order to not loose the click sounds in the cockpit one needs to do the following: The manual says to replace a couple of lines in the panel.cfg [Vcockpit01] section in chapter 7.2: ... gauge11 = Flysimware_Lear35A_Fuel_Dump!Fuel_Dump, 0,0,2,2 gauge12= MT_XMLSound!MT_XMLSound, 0,0,2,2 gauge13 = FLYSIMWAREGPS!FLYSIMWAREGPS, 10,10,900,1036 ... However the line in red should read like below if the mod is to be applied for P3Dv4: gauge12 = FBGS_XMLSound_x64!FBGS_XMLSound, 0,0,1,1,Sound\MT#81 That's it, then sounds work as expected. Thanks again to all who responded! With Best Regards Frank
  3. Yes, they still do. I will finish my current flight first, then try a reinstall - this may take until tomorrow. If am still stuck afterwards I will report back. Cheers Frank
  4. Yes, I totally agree. So, you say your cockpit sounds work - then I have to reinstall and try again with the mods. I must have overlooked something. Best Regards Frank
  5. I applied some of them. I was looking especially for the Load/Save gauge since I never have the time to complete long range flights in one go. I also liked the idea of a cleaned up system gauge and an improved autopilot. The other mods I did not touch. But unfortunately somewhere on the way there I missed the cockpit sounds. Anyway, I do like the Learjet ... Cheers Frank
  6. Thanks a lot Scott, Do you use his mods? I realize the Lear is one of your favorite ACs. Cheers Frank
  7. Hi Björn, I am trying your modifications for the Learjet and do have one question. After installation of your mods (with version 3.0 of the Learjet in P3Dv4.4) the cockpit click sounds for switches and buttons were gone. Is this normal or did I mess something up? Thanks a lot and Best Regards Frank
  8. Hi, What do you mean with 'deactivate'? The licenses? I think this should not be necessary; but it will not be wrong as a safety measure. Usually, if license providers link their licenses to hardware then it would be against the MoBo because swapping a hard drive is not such an uncommon thing. Best Regards Frank
  9. Hi, What's wrong with copying the data over from the old drive to the new drive? You can do it with the Explorer after you installed the new drive in your computer. Best Regards Frank
  10. Hello Dave, You may want to check the SMART status of your HDD. CrystalDiskInfo is a nice tool you can use to do so. Here is an article describing how to use it: https://www.howtogeek.com/134735/how-to-see-if-your-hard-drive-is-dying/ If the disk report would be fine you could investigate your HDD with another nice tool called TreeSize: https://www.jam-software.com/treesize_free/ (both tools are freeware for private use) TreeSize will show you the occupancy of your HDD; which is very helpful if you want to get an idea where all your precious space went. Best Regards Frank
  11. Ask yourself, how much time per day / week do you spend in front of the simulator? Will you be able to enjoy the additional detail FSL has put into their Airbus? If you say: Then you mostly answered your post's topic question already. I suggest saving the money and getting a couple of nice scenery upgrades instead. Cheers Frank
  12. True. No only the software devs need time to develop. The HW manufacturers need time to develop new chipsets and motherboards too, to enable feeding the memory sizes of these new graphics cards fast enough. But fortunately this leaves us time to save money for the day until adequate combinations of GPU/CPU/Mem and mainboards will be available. Cheers Frank
  13. Hm, hold yer horses Gentlemen. The release of these monsters does not mean that we will see immediate visual effects on our current flightsim or gaming applications (apart from the pure frame rate increase). First the devs need to include the new functions into their code, which will take a while. My guess is, that in flight simulations we will see it in 12 months earliest ... Your guess...? Cheers Frank
  14. My guess is that there will not be a CS 757 sale until a competitor (maybe QW) have released their version of a 757. I just purchased the upgrade for the A31x/A32x bundle from AS - and look what value you can get for your money there. I was looking forward to get the new 757 from CS - but not at this price. It's simply not reasonable IMO. Regards Frank
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