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  1. Absolutely worth every penny. An excellent deal! Cheers Frank
  2. mdata

    Upgrading from W7 to W10.

    Hi Dmitriy, Yes, it will if you are running current and of-the-shelf hardware. If you would happen to have any very specific adapter card in your PC (I don't know, let's say a TV card or a special RAID controller card, for instance) then it would be a good idea to check upfront if vendor drivers exist and if they are compatible with Win 10. When I did my first "migration" to Windows 10 I did it like FunknNasty said - I got a new SSD, put it into my PC and let Windows 10 do a fresh install. I would not recommend an installation over Windows 7. Too many downstream issues may result from improperly migrated settings. Best Regards Frank
  3. mdata

    P3Dv4.2 loads on START

    I found two articles on the internet dealing with this question: Needless to say that personally, I am not very amused by MS' ongoing attitude to decide what's best for us and what not ... 😉 Cheers Frank
  4. mdata

    Weather tool advice

    +1 And as it happens they are on sale currently, e.g. at Simmarket - but I guess at other shops too. Cheers Frank
  5. Hi, would I be in your shoes, with a limited budget that allows updating only one component, then I would look for a graphics card that would better match the level of your CPU. Try a GPU in the range of an nVidia GTX 1060 or similar. If this would exceed your budget then you would need to look for a 1050 chip or for other options from AMD. In any case you need to verify the power requirements of the new desired GPU and if your PC setup can fulfill them. You may want to check this site for benchmark comparisons between graphics cards: Good luck, Frank
  6. mdata

    KSBD Scenery?

    I see. Sorry that I couldn't help. Best Regards Frank
  7. mdata

    KSBD Scenery?

    Sorry that I posted the FSX links. But if you check the two pages carefully there is links to similar pages for FS9 (FS2004) right in front of you. Cheers Frank
  8. mdata

    KSBD Scenery?

    Hi, A good source of information can be found there: for commercial scenery: For freeware scenery: You may not always find everything that actually is available, but they cover about 80-90% I would say. There are real pearls to be found among the latter. Cheers Frank
  9. mdata

    Switching from 4.1 to 4.2

    Ah, I see, thank you. I thought of something similar and your explanation confirms it. My trouble started always after asking for taxi clearance from (standard) ATC (which I control with numbers ...) or after switching 2D panels in the iFly 737 ... I shall be more aware of my key typing in the future until LM are going to fix this issue. Cheers Frank
  10. mdata

    Switching from 4.1 to 4.2

    Yes, this is the only annoying issue in v4.2 I experience. Everything else is fine, like under v4.1. What workarounds, Jeroen, if I may ask? Cheers Frank
  11. Wow, that's cool. I need to tinker this together with my kids. Many Thanks, Mark! Best Regards Frank
  12. Definitely looks elegant, gliding this low above the water. Somehow reminds me of a ray. But can this really be the "future" of marine travel? I would hope not with an old propulsion concept based on burning fossil fuels. Its source of energy should come from Hydrogen fuel cells - this is what I call future. Apart from that I would love to try it in P3D Cheers Frank
  13. mdata

    Justflight -33% incl. Arrows

    Thank you Dave. What a shame, but this saves me from an unnecessary repurchase. Best Regards Frank
  14. mdata

    Justflight -33% incl. Arrows

    Hi, I am using the old CLS DC-10 HD package in P3Dv4 but of course the cockpit sounds are not working. Does the JustFlight DC-10 HD work well with P3Dv4? As I understand it, they are basically the same product. Thanks and Best Regards Frank
  15. mdata

    Qualitywings or Captain Sim 757?

    Yes, Bill, I read all the posts above, including yours and I agree with your perception of the different offers. I just wanted to point out that waiting for a better 757 can become rather long and frustrating. That's why I suggested to get the QW757 for a good price (and I should have expressed myself less sarcastic). I am a bit frustrated myself since I am waiting for all the long haul aircraft I enjoyed so much in FSX to be re-developed for P3Dv4 since its' release. And there is no sign of them appearing on the horizon... (namely a good 767 ...) Cheers Frank