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Most underrated Addons/Tools for FSX?

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Hey guys,


We all know about (and maybe use) those fancy, complex, award-winning, visually stunning, high-priced addons, which are frequently featured in YouTube videos or enquired about in the Avsim forums.


I am curious, however, if there are addons or tools for FSX, which are rarely mentioned here, because they might only appeal to certain simmers or do stuff, that seems unnoticeable (and yet might be important for some).


So, feel free to post, what you believe to be the most underrated addon/tool for FSX (whether free- or payware):

What's its name? What does it do? And why is that important to you?


For me, it would be Flusifix. It allows you to do a bunch of stuff (fixing some minor issues, tweaking lots of values in fsx.cfg and aircraft.cfg), but most important to me is, that you can change the AI taxi speed: Since I like to fly with lots of AI aircraft around, increasing taxi speed for AI aircraft makes them vacate the runway faster, allowing me to actually land at busy airports (and not having to go around all the time) and leads to less congestion on the ground (though making AI aircraft movement look less realistic).




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I agree about Flushfx, it is a great Swiss Army knife for fsx. Another good tool, if you use AI, is a little app called "Aidupe". Freeware, available here in the Avsim lib. What it does is fix the bug in fsx that can double the amount of ai planes, duplicates etc.

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Destination Finder 2.0 by Martin Gleeson,

Great program for finding somewhere new to fly based on distance, direction, runway length/type ect.

The latest version 2 is at, Avsim seems to only have v1.1


Size: 7,136,925 Date: 10-30-2008 Downloads: 2,797

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