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Disappearing Buildings

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While circling the tall buildings of downtown Denver at close range in the default C172 some of the buildings would suddenly disappear and then reappear. This would happen repeatedly as I moved my view very slightly using TrackIR5. The buildings doing this where intersperesed among all the buildings, ie, they were not just all to one side or the other, etc.

FPS at the time was constant at 30, and GPU-Z reported a GPU load of around 25% and that the GPU was only using about 500MB of the 2GB of memory available (does this mean the GPU is waiting on the CPU?).  This happends both with Usepools =0 and Usepools =1. My setup is an i5 @4.4GHz,  GTX 660 GPU, DX10 Fixer/NI setup according to the DX-10 How to Guide, and only default FSX scenery.


Thanks for any thoughts on what might be happening.




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HIGHMEMFIX=1 added to the cfg?

Yes, thanks. I believe I have typical FSX.cfg entires [affinitymask=14, texture_max_load=1024, Fiber_Frame_Time_Fraction=0.2, ForceWindowedVsync=1].


I should also mention I have triple buffering set with NI because I found it eliminated some occasional very minor tearing with TrackIR5 in full screen mode, and that I run FSX in aero mode, not compatibility mode, because it eliminated some very minor tearing with TrackIR5 in window mode. The TrackIR tearing only showed up in the VC with fast side to side type head movements.

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