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Violent Pull Up in A/P

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Been flying the NGX a lot more recently and I've seen this twice now.. now.. I imagine it has something to do with ASN or something else because I'd say 99% of the time it behaves perfectly, and if I am honest (and I know this doesn't help) I can't really reproduce it either.  But basically.. twice now the NGX has pulled up extremely violently.. to something ridiculous like 30 degrees pitch up.. a whole bunch of alarms go off and I disconnect the A/P... sort it all out.. reconnect it.. and it's as good as gold..


Now like I said I've only seen this twice and so far only in the NGX.. I did a quick search and since I can't find someone else who has seen this I'm wondering if it's a weird setting somewhere.


Windows 7 64 bit (fully up to date)


NGX up to date (800 with WL is what I have seen this in not tried others)

Saitek Cessna Yoke, Throttles, Rudder Pedals


FSUIPC (but only use for button controls not for flight control surfaces incl flaps.. I use keyboard for that (learned that from my T7 experiences!)).


I have no problems with the T7 though? Has anyone experienced something like this?  Trying to bottom it out if I can.. I know my information is a bit useless but any pointers would be gratefully received.


In fairness I should have flown the NGX more, I'm actually loving it now as well!  Parked my T7 for a bit..




Craig Read


actually found someone else! started by Louis8, the Ng will shoot straight up in the air, started feb 19th... 2014.. seems it's not just me!  Anyone seen this with ASN then?

Craig Read, EGLL

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I have the same issue. Almost the same configuration too except I don't have ASN.

Did you find anything ?

Martin Bunjes

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I had a thread on it here: forum.avsim.net/topic/452035-uncontrolled-pitch/ where I encountered the same bug. The consensus was a one time "glitch". To be fair, I haven't encountered it again, but it's comforting to know that someone else has encountered violent aft-deflection while flying under A/P.


As a complete aside, I encounter the exact opposite with the 777. Pulling on my yoke won't raise the nose at all.

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