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HELP! Will this SSD be big enough?

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I have recently purchased a 500GB SSD (for Windows and all NON FSX related applications, games and files) in addition to a 250GB SSD dedicated purely for FSX and all associated programs and files.


Now I'm having a crisis and wondering if I've got this the wrong way round.


At present my total FSX install is 172GB and this constitutes:



- NGX and Aerosoft A320 with a considerable library of liveries

- Ultimate Traffic 2 and 12GB of addon liveries and models

- FSGlobal 2010 Mesh

- ORBX Global, Australia and EUR regions, in addition to

- 60+ payware airports

- Ultimate Terrain X Europe


And various other bits and pieces. (I also use REX which takes up 16GB but this will be installed to the Windows SSD seeing as it doesn't send to FSX in real time)


So, this is why I opted with the 250GB SSD for FSX. Assuming around 10% is taken up with system files, and assuming I don't fill it more than 90%, this means I have around ~30GB of headroom.


I really can't see at present how I could use another 30GB of storage space for FSX. Over the next few years, all I can see myself adding to the sim is additional payware airports, and very occasionally a new payware aircraft. I may get ORBX's landclass offering at some point but I would hope that wouldn't take up anywhere near that amount.


So, am I ok to proceed like this do you think? Or should I use the 250GB for Windows and other non FSX programs and the 500GB for FSX? I don't want to get 2 years down the road and have to start uninstalling addons where I've ran out of room. On the other hand I can't see what I could use another 30GB on, let alone another 250GB!


I've been simming hardcore for many years and have only accumulated 170GB, and a lot of that was done at first install, such as FSX itself, UTX, most of the payware airports, FSGlobal Mesh etc.


ORBX Global is by far the biggest single addition I've ever made to the collection and I can't see anything on the horizon that would be any more of a mammoth hog of disk space than this.



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Whether you use your 250GB for MSFS, or the 500GB... you really can't go wrong. If you have a traditional hard drive lying around, consider using that as a place to offload any bulky "data" which really won't benefit from an SSD's speed.


Here's my current setup, for reference:


150GB SSD - Boot drive, OS and general applications.

250GB SSD - FSX, P3D, X-Plane, Steam/Origin games.

1.5 TB Std HD - Videos, Music, Photos, Payware Installers, etc. etc. (bulky stuff that doesn't need to be fast)


My recommendation to you:


250GB SSD - Boot drive, OS, and general applications and data.

500GB SSD - Flight simulation and other games.


And if you have a traditional hard drive floating around, use it to back up your data or act as a place for "My Pictures", "My Music", "My Videos", your payware installer files, etc. etc.


Don't over think it too much - either way will work, but I think you'll be well served by using the smaller drive for your OS and apps and the larger drive for entertainment purposes.



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Thanks guys. I think I was talking myself into the wrong option.


I've seen the light, I will go for the 500GB for FSX and the 250 for OS and non-FSX programs.

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