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Hello simmers,

In a few very short months a new Air Force group will be taking off for the first time, that group is called the Presidential Airlift Group or short name (PAG). The PAG Virtual website will be launched and in need of some new pilots and staff, now one question you may be thinking is "what makes your VSO so different from the others?" Well ours is a lot different we are run just like the military (minus the salute, ma'am or sir greeting) the ranking system is the same, the aircraft are the same and the call signs are the same, we also will be hosting transport events meaning where the President flies we fly too. Now another question you may be asking is "what have a whole heap of VC-25A's flying around?" The answer to that is no, when events occur there would be only two VC-25A's, one 757, three Sikorsky VH-3D's and so on (fear not we know Marine One is handled by the Marines but why not add it in for a bit of fun.) We will have a specific website containing, information, a pilot center, handbooks, forums, training center, video's and it's all new! So if you want to be updated, join the team or have any questions click the link below and like us on Facebook today.


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