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  1. I remember there being a skin for this a long time ago when I used to do heli ops with the Virtual Coast Guard, no idea where I got it, give me some time I'll do a repaint for it and send you the file, I just got back into it so I wanna use it too.
  2. I can do a variant for that I just never did it because it was the freighter and it's just not the same lol. Sorry this is so late I stumbled across this looking for my own repaints LOL shoot me a message and I'll crack open the photoshop files again
  3. Hi all, I've been having some difficulty finding information on how I can get a chrome effect on an aircraft, I'm moderate when it comes to repainting and Photoshop, I looked it up and most of the guides are for text where as I would want a specific section of the livery, I'm trying to get my repaint as close as possible to Air Force One, as you've probably seen it has a chrome finish to the under and back section of the aircraft, PMDG did manager to do it for the original 747 but this time around they haven't done one so I'm going over my already completed one and really fine tweaking it, I've linked a photo of their old 747 in the livery they did and I must apologize for the edit you can half notice the chrome finish anyway here is the one I took ages ago, at the back you can see that finish I'd kinda like to get that instead of just filling that section with a light grey area. Anyway any help would be appreciated or any suggestive links even, I'm at a loss where to start.
  4. Hey Jim, Thanks for the livery I've been looking for one for the past few days, can't wait to fly it. I'm looking into doing a fictional PAX version of the 747 for Emirates if you could message me where you got the font that would be amazing I can't seem to find it anywhere at all. Cheers
  5. Cheers for that Mark I managed to figure out exactly what was wrong with the texture and managed to fix it properly
  6. Hi all, I'm having an issue with a livery I've just repainted for my friend, I've done everything I'm supposed to but for some reason when i bring up the livery in fsx to make sure the import has been successful I get all black windows, cockpit and wing edging along where the lights are and I have no idea what I'm doing wrong! I can't figure it out and its starting to get to me. Any help would be great. Thanks Nathan The issue I face....
  7. Hello simmers, In a few very short months a new Air Force group will be taking off for the first time, that group is called the Presidential Airlift Group or short name (PAG). The PAG Virtual website will be launched and in need of some new pilots and staff, now one question you may be thinking is "what makes your VSO so different from the others?" Well ours is a lot different we are run just like the military (minus the salute, ma'am or sir greeting) the ranking system is the same, the aircraft are the same and the call signs are the same, we also will be hosting transport events meaning where the President flies we fly too. Now another question you may be asking is "what have a whole heap of VC-25A's flying around?" The answer to that is no, when events occur there would be only two VC-25A's, one 757, three Sikorsky VH-3D's and so on (fear not we know Marine One is handled by the Marines but why not add it in for a bit of fun.) We will have a specific website containing, information, a pilot center, handbooks, forums, training center, video's and it's all new! So if you want to be updated, join the team or have any questions click the link below and like us on Facebook today. https://www.facebook.com/pages/PAG-V...89129937892567
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