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Switching to DX10

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I am thinking of switching over to DX10 from DX9 I have bought the fixer from Steve. 


Are there any things that I need to know before I switch for example cfg changes for airports etc. 


I also have FT OMDB and I heard that the PAPI lights are in a red box.






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Except for reading the manual to get AA working havnt changed anything else. Being using it for a few months. so far no noticeable bugs, but FSX never looked so good.

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Its Fantastic , Totally recommend it , Read the  manual & you be flying (Pardon the Pun), No more OOM's  , just waiting Aerosoft to make some of their products more compatible (AES) .


Paul Nicholls

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What texture max load do I put in 2048 for 1024 for DX10 ? 


Whether DX9 or DX10, that parameter simply tells FSX what the maximum size texture it can load, so it's a case of weighing up the eye candy (2048) vs better frames (1024).


Personally I would start from 2048 and if you have trouble maintaining smoothness in cloud drop it down to 1024.

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I got DX10 on my machine


Is this ok Im getting 15-20 FPS in the pmdg 737 on stand at EGKK ? 


My specs:


Core I5 4670K

Water cooling



GTX 760 OC

Windows 8.1

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