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Back To The Future

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Well, if someone told me 10 years ago that I will play flight simulators on my android smart phone in 2014, I would call him a liar. :lol: And on top of all, these two flight sims are quite serious, and I must admit very addictive.


F-SIM Space Shuttle - well, this is one hell of a sim, fantastic flight model and is is extremely hard to land properly this metal giant. To be honest, I didn't landed it properly one single time, out of 30 performed landings! 29 crash landings, and one hard landing! :lol: Extremely hard, and it takes time to learn the proper way, since Shuttle is gliding.


Infinite Flight - FSX like flight sim, many planes to choose from, many airports. Physics are quite good, sounds are good also, radio chatter is a nice touch. No autogen, but there is a low res phototextures, and it looks good. Funny thing is, I can live without autogen and low res photo textures in Infinite Flight, but can't in FSX, a mistery to me. :ph34r:


One advantage over desktop sims is control system - smart phone as a yoke. I have Saitek Cyborg flight stick, and this system on android feels more realistic, unless you're flying airbus.


Another funny thing is I practically didn't flew in FSX for weeks now (too tired), and these two sims on my smart phone are a life savers, keep me satisfied and in touch with flight simulation until I find the energy to get back to FSX.


Infinite Flight:



F-SIM Space Shuttle:


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F-Sim Space Shuttle is an app I have for my iPhone, and I cannot land it without a HARD landing or a crash.  However, I thought I made some good landings.  They should throw you a bone once in a while.  Way too hard to get 100% perfect.



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