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FSX Add-On Problems in Win 8.1

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About an week ago I bought a computer these are my basic specs:


RAM:  8GB Ballistx

Processor:  Intel Core i5-4430 3.00 Ghz

Graphics Card:  Asus GTX760

Motherboard:  GigaByte H81M-HD3

Monitors: 3x LG 22EN43VQ


I'm running Windows 8 on this system with FSX and it works fine but i've got a few annoying problems:


-  When I fly the PMDG 747-400x and I end the flight then I get the following  error:  Your computer has run out of avalible memory. Please restart FS and select different graphics, scenery textures etc.

   I don't think my graphics card and RAM are the problem. I tried HIGHMEMFIX=1, BUFFERPOOLS etc but it didn't help.


-  I've got another problem with the PMDG 747-400x, the wings have no wingflex and the center main gear is gone and the gauges aren't working.


-  When I'm on Aerosoft's Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, and I'm parked at a gate  the whole airport is full of trees.


-  In the Add-Ons menu bar there is only one option to click on and that's FSUIPC. But IVAO and PMDG aren't in that menu.


Please help me with these problems. I searched on the internet for these problems but I couldn't find any good answers. 


Kind regards from the Netherlands,



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First, is the memory error from FSX or from your computer? The format of the window should tell you


For the missing aircraft pieces, these can be a problem with the installation itself. Have your tried uninstalling the PMDG 747 package completely, then reinstalling it?


For the wingflex, make sure you have advanced animations checked in the main settings menu. Or this could also be a problem with the installation.


For the airport, check your addon scenery manager in fsx to see if the aerosoft scenery has a higher priority. If that doesnt work, do you have UTX or any other programs like that for the area the airport is in?


Finally, the IVAO and PMDG missing from the menu bar may also be because of a bad installation. Have you been getting any warnings about any .dll when you start FSX?


Also, for addon planes, if a window pops up saying the publisher could not be identified when you boot up FSX, select yes and then select yes again in the FSX window.


Hope some of this helps.

Also, make sure you are running FSX as an administrator and that it has the correct permissions checked off

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I've solved all the problems accept the tree attack at Aerosoft Schiphol. I've solved it by re-installing service pack 2 of FSX, but thanks for your idea's to fix the problems.

Yes, the airport has the highest priority in FSX and i haven't got UTX installed. I have no other add-ons in FSX for The Netherlands.

Thanks for your reply,




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