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  1. My power supply is from Be Quiet. Is there a way to calculate to minimum power supply? Regards, Oscar
  2. I think i'll buy the i7 4790k later this year and the 970 later on when the price has dropped :-) but is 600W enough to run this cpu and gpu? btw, Your landing wasn't that bad, I had some harder ones Regards, Oscar
  3. Again thanks for your reply! My computer is only an half year old, I bought it in march. The power supply is only 600W. It won't be possible to go for the i7 4790k and GTX 970 until i have 750W don't you? I don't have a lot invested in fsx just some aerosoft sceneries, two pmdg planes (NGX, 744X) and some tools like fsuipc. Yeah, later on i want to play battlefield but without a big lag so a new graphics card would be a good investment. Is it still a good investment to buy a better cpu since everything uses the gpu? Regards, Oscar
  4. @AndyCYXU @Freaknout Thanks for your replies! Unfortunately I can't overclock my cpu: its a i5-4430. So what would you do? Stay with fsx or go for p3d?
  5. Hello, I am having some problems with the performance in fsx with my computer. My cpu runs at 3ghz and I have a GTX 760 card with surround enabled. I thought: Does prepar3d v2 give me a more stable frame rate because the workload is now mostly on the gpu? Here are my specs: ProcessorIntel Core i5-4430 Processor Cores4 Processor Speed3.00 GHz RAMBallistx 8GB Video Board ManufacturerAsus Video Board ModelGTX 760 Video Memory2048MB Mother BoardGigaByte H81M-HD3 Hard Drives1x 240GB SSD 1x 2TB Memory Monitor3x LG 22EN43VQ Operating SystemWindows 8.1 Kind regards, Oscar
  6. OscarR

    FSX Add-On Problems in Win 8.1

    I've solved all the problems accept the tree attack at Aerosoft Schiphol. I've solved it by re-installing service pack 2 of FSX, but thanks for your idea's to fix the problems. Yes, the airport has the highest priority in FSX and i haven't got UTX installed. I have no other add-ons in FSX for The Netherlands. Thanks for your reply, Oscar
  7. OscarR

    MH370 Satellite Data released

    @G7USL All the theories on the internet are based on the facts we know so I don't think its likely they are true
  8. OscarR

    My A380 simulator in FTD style

    Looks very nice, wich software for the A380 do you use?
  9. OscarR

    MH370 Satellite Data released

    They stopped the search for about 2 months. Onboard the plane were LIthium Accu's these batteries are extremely dangerous. I've got them for my modelplanes because they are really light. Here is a video of a Lithium Accu that's been overloaded: At 1:40 the fire starts. If i'm on a plane and I know these batteries are onboard I would cancel the flight.
  10. Hello, About an week ago I bought a computer these are my basic specs: RAM: 8GB Ballistx Processor: Intel Core i5-4430 3.00 Ghz Graphics Card: Asus GTX760 Motherboard: GigaByte H81M-HD3 Monitors: 3x LG 22EN43VQ I'm running Windows 8 on this system with FSX and it works fine but i've got a few annoying problems: - When I fly the PMDG 747-400x and I end the flight then I get the following error: Your computer has run out of avalible memory. Please restart FS and select different graphics, scenery textures etc. I don't think my graphics card and RAM are the problem. I tried HIGHMEMFIX=1, BUFFERPOOLS etc but it didn't help. - I've got another problem with the PMDG 747-400x, the wings have no wingflex and the center main gear is gone and the gauges aren't working. - When I'm on Aerosoft's Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, and I'm parked at a gate the whole airport is full of trees. - In the Add-Ons menu bar there is only one option to click on and that's FSUIPC. But IVAO and PMDG aren't in that menu. Please help me with these problems. I searched on the internet for these problems but I couldn't find any good answers. Kind regards from the Netherlands, Oscar