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The Wonder of Multiplayer

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I was header to Homer (PAHO) where ATM was parked, when I see Steve come into the session at Kodiak, where he had parked yesterday. I’m cursing in the 51, so I move myself closer on the map and hit the M key. I’m now about 10nm out, and when I reach the wind turbines I start slowing down the 51 to change to the yellow/white CC. Steve has just taken off from the Coast Guard parking lot. I am setting up to land on an invisible building that I found there about a year ago as he passes over head.






I take off and circle around to land on RW 7 at Kodiak (PADQ), and this is what I see just after he has landed, and I fly right under him.






He has taxied off the runway, and I land on it, and this is what I see at this time.






TC (T urnedCrab37127) text me “Hi there Jack” and I respond with “Call the FBI, I’ve been Hijacked”


TC “You are just hanging in the air!”, and I reply with “No, but to me you are”, and I am about to send a text that I am “Taking a SS”






I this shot TC says “Now your engine has stopped and you are over me”


TC “Are you on the ground” I reply with “yes, will relocate to runway 7” I wanted to see if this would make a difference, it did not. As you can tell he is high enough in the air, up there where the sun is.






Steve text that he had to leave shortly , and I reply with “have a good day” and add “will put a ss in avsims of this”. TC “You too, I will try taking off again. You are still floating overhead”  He lands again and I take off and as I pass just under him I take this one. :wacko:






And finally in this shot, we bought end up on the same level. :lol:




Until next time, A good day to all!

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:lol: Well, clearly the devs had a lot of work left on this game, too bad they couldn't continue.


You should have been on the beta, Jack. :lol:


Best regards.


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I had found that invisible building when I tried to walk through that area and kept hitting a wall.  So I explored the perimeter but never thought of landing on it. :lol: Nice SS Jack.



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