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Chris Bell

Night Environment P3D support is Back ON!

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long awaited P3D support is officially restored for Night Environment with P3D v2.3
i haven’t tested in person; but from what I’ve gathered so far talking with LM engineers
they made it work even better under P3D than FSX; and will continue to enhance Night Environment under P3Dw with future releases

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Any idea as to why this P3D update will come? And how much time will it take after to get the previous released packages updated for it?

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Hi Jens

i know as much as the next guy when LM is releasing P3D v2.3

I do know the technical reason we held back support for P3D is fixed; and then some

additional enhancement were placed on LM side as well as our end

i was assured directly by LM; that this will be included in v2.3


NE's revised packages are all ready and posted to AS (for all previously released regions)

the update also include new high performance models and textures

as well as dual installers for FSX and P3D


we're waiting for LM to officially release v2.3


we're currently holding back Dubai and Greece updates as well as new regions

so we can release them with the new installers instead of releasing twice (if this keeps stalling; we will release twice)

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the update is completed but not released as a standalone fix

it will be included in the upcoming P3D v2.3 public release


the fix is already included in the P3D v2.3 beta v2 release being tested right now

this is not a rumor; it is confirmed and announced by Aerosoft as well


all NE product line been updated to include the new P3D installer

and will be published and provided free of charge to existing customers

upon Lockheed Martin release of P3D v2.3

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the moment we've all been waiting for; its time to start getting excited B)


here's a little sneak preview of some testing done for us curtsey of Rob Ainscough

(this isn’t a comparison between NE and ORBX, ORBX was pre-installed on the testing box and had to remain as is; we're testing NE's stability under P3D there)

this is NE California out the box; and placed at the top with no changes made


software lineup




NE v1.1 under P3D v2.3 beta 2 (best viewed full screen at 1440p)

test flight was at SF/BayArea (which is notorious for really low frame rates regardless of add-on)


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Dear Chris,


I did purchased some of your products a month ago in order to have better night lighting conditions.

I use only P3D v2 and the loss in performance made your products not usable. The overall loss of FPS on level one was more than 30!.(from an average of 60 with other heavy addons), and serious stuttering.

Now that the latest version of P3D is out should we expect a new NE installer or update ? or we should install with the migration tool ?

I own NE Greece, Benelux and UK.



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Hi Menelado

yes we were aware of this loss of performance issue with P3D v2.1 and 2.2

this is the reason we had to put P3D support on hold


this issue was directly addressed and is now resolved with v2.3

(see FPS stability on the top left corner of the video frame (in green))

Aerosoft is currently working on the new updates and double installers for all NE product line


you will simply use the new installer to install into P3D;

with dedicated models and textures


there's updates to FSX models and textures as well

these are new high performance models we have tweaked even further


there's also a brand new Greece and Dubai renditions among the new updates; keep an eye for that


all current NE lineup will have v1.1 published shortly

v1.1 will includes double installers with our latest models (v3)

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