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  1. You don't need to touch the monitor.
  2. I'm using a Panasonic Viera 4K TV at 30Hz, together with two 980ti in SLI. Frame limiter (NVI) at 30 and the result is the best ever had.
  3. Depends on the flight. I if i want to fly online I have a modified simobjects.cfg with all AI traffic package enable. If i want to fly offline I use a .cfg with just UT2. That is a 2min. difference. All drives are SSD. The loading times depends on how many simobjects someone has.
  4. I use UT2, WOAI with http://www.lekseecon.nl/VMRGenerator.html. I have UT2 as my main AI Traffic and the others just for model matching.
  5. There are only a few (1-3) companies that sell 4k TVs with display port input and these are very expensive. In any other case its a waste of money. At the moment the only way to get native 4k output from your PC through the display port.
  6. I have a triple 27 inch monitors setup and and use them in portrait mode. No stretch at all and more accurate FOV. I'm only going to change that setup for a large 40+inch 4K monitor with display port input. There are very few and still very expensive.
  7. If you have tested without any addons and still get the error, I suggest you re-install the GPU drivers. After you re-install the drivers delete or backup your current P3D.cfg I hope it helps.
  8. I had a problem configuring the SLI/SURROUND with the latest drivers so went back to the previous one,
  9. I fly with P3D V2 most of the times because I like flying online and Xplane is not yet ready for online use. Still, it is perfect for VFR practice flying. It provides perfect photoscenery with correct autogen through accurate OSM data. I use g2xpl to download and install high res photo scenery for my area. So as you see XPLANE is for real world practice and P3D for fun.
  10. Great news! I have my second 780ti installed, waiting to be enabled.
  11. It happened again two or three times after installing something else and usually with Estonia Migration tool. Now I know that overwriting the FSinsider.ini with the original one always fixes the problem.
  12. I own two 780ti and waiting for the sli support. With one card running triple monitor setup, equal to 4k I'm ok with the NGX, ASN, Mega Airports etc.
  13. I use a 4790K with two 780ti and 32GB RAM, and on heavy weather I'm around 20-25 (with triple monitor setup and track ir)
  14. Fixed!! My cockpit was boring without my first officer ^_^ Thanks, M.
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