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not installing help

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hello again when i try to install the pmdg 777 installer it says i have put the file into the flight simulator x folder but still dont work


I am sure members who look at this forum and the T7 forum would like to help you me included. But you have so many double and triple posts with different titles in different forums I have no idea if you have a problem or not or it has been solved. As of 11:22 EST do you still have a problem and if so what is the problem?


Follow Kyle's advice in one on your many posts and stop doing this.

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End of this thread he says he has it working...


Edit: I think that's what he meant... "working had to run as admin"


I see the timeline now after charting the multitude of posts. He says


nope it is still saying it

working had to run as admin" at 9:43 am EDT.


His above post requesting help is at 9:25 am EDT.


Thank for clarifying this.

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