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Michel Montreuil

FSDT's Addon Manager has messed up my FSX

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Here's my problem I have just reinstalled FSX a couple weeks ago after having many issues with it before with an other problem. Now, I own copies of GSX, YVR, LAX, LAS, FLL, ORD and JFK that all use this poor add-on manager system. I also own Flightbeam's KIAD scenery but had not reinstalled it until today, and then I go to start my FSX again and it doesn't even open. I looked on many forums all saying, you must disable your anti-virus and what not... blah blah. Ok, after hours of trial and error, still nothing happens!


Why do we as loyal paying customers have to deal with this add-on manager that just brings monumental issues with FSX?


Please help me fix this issue, and yes flight simulator works great without the add-on manager installed.


03/07/2014 @ 19:11 EDT I have also installed a fresh install of the add-on manager from the FSDT site with no luck what so ever, aswell as re-building the FSX.CFG and Logbook.BIN

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If you installed the latest Addon Manager and FSX does not start up, then it's not the Addon Manager causing the problem. There are three known causes for FSX not starting up:


l) You have to have Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 w/SP1 installed (look in your Add/Remove Programs)


2) Corrupt Logbook


3) Corrupt Addon Manager


You should download and run AppCrashView - If no crashes were recorded, then you should look in the Event Viewer. If you are not familiar with the Event Viewer you should check page 2 of the AVSIM CTD Guide located to the right of this forum under Hot Spots. It should tell you why your App did not start.


Did you use the latest installers for the FSDT and Flightbeam's KIAD? They have new installers that now offer to install the product in P3D or FSX. You should use the latest installers for these products. Once I reinstalled Windows and FSX and then used the old downloads I had saved in backups to reinstall the FSDT scenery. I immediately had problems so went on site and downloaded the latest and that fixed the problems. I was still able to start up FSX though even with the old installers but had problems with the security program (Coautl?). FlightBeam recently updated KIAD.


Make sure UserAccessControls and Anti-virus programs are disabled before installing this program as the program is well-known for having false positives (your anti-virus program says the program has a virus and the program doesn't). You must also right click the installer and select "Run As Administrator". You stated FSX runs great after you uninstall the Addon Manager. That means you have pinpointed the problem. This is most likely the solution to this problem. A lot of people are able to install this FSDT and FlightBeam and BluePrint programs without any problems. They all use the same system. When you start up FSX it should be asking you if you trust Coautl and something else I forgot. You should click yes or you will be asked this every time you start up the program. If you did not have this option, then most likely it is Coautl security program problem and maybe your anti-virus program interfered. Please make sure you read the manual about the installation program and Coautl.


Other than the above, I have no more suggestions other than to post your question at the FSDT Forums.


Hope this helps.

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