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Kohlsman strip not showing in customized gauge

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I'm not sure where to post this, since the only panel/gauges forum is for FSX and there's non for P3D, so I thought to post it in here.


I'm totaly new to making my own gauges, so maybe I'm overlooking a very simple thing, here...

My second gauge to convert is the standard Beech Baron Altimeter gauge to a larger size and give it new textures. So far all the changed textures are showing and the needles work properly, only the kohlsman strip isnt visible in its window.

I sized up the graphics from 100x100 to 500x500. My guess would be that I have to reposition the Kohlsman strip, but I cant find which coordinates will let me do that. I only see coordinates that seem to correspond to positions on the strip itself.


Here's the part of the xml file for the kohlsman strip as I adjusted it:



        <Position X="365" Y="219" />

        <MaskImage Name="P01_G02ALT_StripMask_500.bmp">

                <Axis= X="0" Y="7" />


        <Image name="P01_G02ALT_Strip_500.bmp">


                        <Item Value="28.1" X="0" Y="7" />

                        <Item Value="31.5" X="0" Y="1720" />




                <Value Minimum="28.1" Maximum="31.5">(A:Kohlsman Setting hg, inHG)</Value>




I'm not sure about what the X and Y Axis position on the StripMask image are, but they seem to correspond to the 28.1 position on the strip as I see from the Item Value a little underneeth.

The Item Values for 28.1 and 31.5 seem to correspond to the pixel position of the numbers on the strip which are 7 from the top for the 28.1 and 1720 from the top for the 31.5. Both should be correct from what I measured in Photoshop.

The StripMask is in exactly the right position.


Can someone explain to me what to adjust to make the Kohlsman strip show up at the right position, please?


I'm not sure what information to provide for this problem, so if anything is missing, please let me know.


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Hi! Welcome to the madness!


Be careful with the Stripmasks! they contain (1,1,1) and (0,0,0) colors only, and unless you know this, you will not see it! review an original (rom the baron) and check where it is 1 and where it is 0 (I myself do not remember). Adjust your version accordingly. Your paint program may attempt to dither ther borders or flatten them to a single color... check the color table! (or make the mask blue and red, then change the color table to RGB0 and RGB1).

The mask is supposed to go in the visible window where the khlsman strip is visible...


Hope this helps,

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The 0,0,0 or 1,1,1 are full black colors, so I asume this is the window for the strip itself, which you're refering to. The mask/window is indeed full black and I can see the background layer through that mask/window (I can tell by the edges of the mask being slightly visible).

So I do have a window that should allow access to the strip behind it.

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Actually, that's a bit backwards. The "mask" provides the surface on which the overlying "strip" will be visible, and is 1,1,1 in color, and typically just a tiny bit larger than the 'window' though which the numbers will be seen.


Oh yes, don't worry about the fact that this is a "sub-forum" of MS Flight Simulator. P3D'ers are very welcome... :Big Grin:

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