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William J.S.S

I might be able to help you.

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Hello all P3Dv2 users.


I might be able to help a few of you out that are having issues with freeware AFCAD files that you used in FSX, or that will work in P3Dv2 even though they were made for FSX.


I have finally got the hang of ADE1.6, and for the longest time, I was trying to figure out how to make the taxiways appear in P3Dv2. There is a marker issue with the ADE version that was used to make a majority of these files. There is now a new one out that supports P3Dv2, and like a lot of you, I use freeware AFCADS to make my approaches and such in line with current as possible setups in the RW.


So here is what I have. If you have a airport BGL file, that worked in FSX, or you want to use in P3Dv2 but it does not show the taxiways, or displays incorrect, PM me and I will send you my Email for you to send me the file. I will fix it, send it back and it should work fine for you like it does for me now.


The reason I am offering this, is simple. I would like to give back a little, as I use the donations of all freeware developers and appreciate their work. It would be impossible to ask someone like Ray Smith, who I have a LOT of his work to go back and fix every single one of them.


The file you send me has to be ok to modify by the developer. Please do not send any Payware, or protected work files. Most freeware guys are open and allow you to modify, but if you are in question, ask them first. Almost all readme files have contact info.


I will also check the files as they come in, to see if it is ok to modify before I do them..


This is a simple process ,but it does require ADE, and the installation of the P3Dv2 SDK, which I know some people don't have, or don't feel comfortable doing. This is just my way of helping out and making these developers work continue on.

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That sounds like a generous offer! Let me offer a suggestion. Rather then give a person a fish and feed them for a day. if you teach them how to fish you can feed them for a lifetime; so why don't you show a few of us how to do what you do? We can then spread the wealth.


I for one would love them to learn your techniques and also contribute to the knowledge of ADE, the SDK, and how to bring our scenery stuff up to snuff.


I have scenery files that were created 10 years ago that work perfectly in 1.4, but absolutely disappear in v2 and 2.2. Check out my YouTube site for the look of the original files in "Sunset touch and goes on Carnes farm" and know that the scenery objects just aren't there in V2.0 and later.


This doesn't necessarily exactly translate to your efforts, but it would give us your insight into the use of scenery files and the SDK, And ADE taxiway problems a quantum leap in understanding.


How about it?



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I would as well William

I've played around with the program but would like to learn more

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