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Pc build

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I only get to see the amazon front page...

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Intel Pentium G3420 3.2ghz

Msi gtx 650 1gb

Crucial ballistics sport 8gb

Asus H81M-E Mothor board

Western Digital blue 1tb

Corsair builder CX-430 80+

Lg optical drive

Cooler master elite 430 case


Sorry I thought it would take you to my cart

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There's one thing I see I'm worried about and that's the 430W power supply.

For flightsim PCs 700/750W is commonly advised.


The 650 video card is minimum, a 660 or up would be preferred, but I've been running 2 monitors, each with their own view, on a 550 card with quite nice settings.

As I understand it, from the Geforce cards the 20/30/40/50 models are the budget models and the 60/70/80 models are more serious cards, so this one is the top of budget models.

Personally I do like MSI, because of their use of militarily grade component, which can take higher temperatures. I'm using MSI Geforce cards myself and am very satisfied with it.


You would need a second hard disc for FSX, but that's easy enough to add.


And I see that the housing only has one fan, bút there's room to add even 6 more fans to fit your needs.


I'm must say, I'm not an expert, so maybe a good idea to see what others have to say about it, maybe they see details I've overlooked. It's no high-end pc from which you may expect to run FSX with high settings, but I've seen people use less with pretty nice results.

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I am only young and I don't have lots of money. This is the best pc I can build. Maybe I will put in better things in 3 years time when I get a job. Do I really need a better psu because I'm only going to use one monitor and not the best settings. I don't think I will OC. Can I just split the hard drive in half and make 2 different drives, one for fsx and one for other games?

Thanks :)

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Of course you can run FSX from the same drive as Windows and in that case I would go for the standard installation folder FSX chooses and not split your driver in partitions to get an extra drive letter.


If you're using only basic controllers I think 430W should do, but I'm used to setups with multiple controllers and extra video cards that take up power... But if you're just starting, I think it shouldnt be such a problem.

My first PC I used for flightsimming wasnt better and I managed.


One thing, though, I would spend a couple of bucks on an extra fan. It's best for the lifespan of your components that you keep temperatures low and just one fan is very little, considering you regularly will use every bit of power your PC has, for several hours at least. But those start at prices of less then $10

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