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How to fix default zoom and how to create a .CDF file?

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I am still having problems setting up Live Camera. I removed ALL .cam and ,CDF files from the OPUS folder. Then created a set of views, saving each view as it was done. After completion, clicked OK and save. Here is a sample of what I have: For Vc views


Pilot default  JS2 Button 1

Overhead    JS 2 Button 7

Panel            Js2 Button 7

Throttles      JS 2 Button 7

more views   JS2 Button7


Now for Ac

Chase          JS2 Button 2

Wing            JS2 Button 7

Nose            JS 2 Button 7

More views   JS 2 Button 7


 Almost every time I cycle through them the zoom changes. Leave outside view, return to pilot and it is inches feom the panel, ditto other Vc views.

 Also, pressing JS2 button 7 will cycle theoug ALL views using this button. Is that correct?

Finally, Each time I load OPUS I must bring up the camera and load the plane in use. Will a .CDF file fix that?

Sorry Steven...maybe I am just dense but I have read and followed the view instruction at least ten times and still do not have a good set of views for any airplan I have tried.

Neal Howard


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No, the CDFs are import files they have nothing to do with this. The view cycling has been described in detail above and in the manual. It only cycles on a common button or key for views with the same view mode and assigned to the same aircraft.


You can only cycle these views using the assign button or key within the Camera definition.


This has nothing to do with the simulators S or A key usage.


Don't see how you expect these views to cycle as you have not configured them as I advised above. I advised you assign a common key, say the X key, to ALL your Opus camera views then use this key to cycle the camera views. As for the zoom level it only displays what you have configured.


If you want just email me your CAM file and I will look at it and let you know what is wrong. I can email you the corrected version or tell you what you need to do.


Stephen :-)


First, you do NOT cycle Opus views using the standard FSX S and A keys.


These cycle the simulators view modes and sub modes, nothing directly to do with Opus views.


Pressing button 7 will cycle through all the button 7 views within a specific view mode.


Each time an aircraft type is loaded in the sim, including on start up, your assigned Default view will be displayed. Have you declared the Captains view as the Default view by ticking the Default checkbox? Also make sure you have assigned all the relevant aircraft types to the camera views. They will only be displayed and cycled if they have been assigned to that aircraft. Have your assigned the aircraft types to your VC views?


Stephen :-)


I don't mind having a look at your CAM file if you want to email me it.


Stephen :-)


If you send me your CAM file I will talk you through it via email if you want. Once you've got the hang of it all will be well.


Stephen :-)

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