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How to get EVO 2016 and release information

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Hi guys and thank you for all your support!encouragement.png

I have released FS9 at the current build of 2.5. (Edit: status in February 2016 is build EVO 2016)

I am accepting contributions under fs9evo@gmail.com via paypal and will post the download link to anyone making a modest or generous contribution. Please be a bit patient, I will send links out asap! Usually I do this within a couple of hours..



"Official" relase announcement

FS9 Evolution is a global texture makeover for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 ACOF.

FS9 Evo tries to create a realistic and believable environment in FS9. FS9 Evo textures are built up by hand to look photoreal.

FS9 Evo tries to evolve FS9 by having individual texture files with great detail, carefully balanced within a texture set to avoid tiling. This creates a believable low-altitude experience with enough large terrain features to have an interesting high-altitude experience.

FS9 Evo replaces almost every texture file that defines the visible world outside your plane. This includes cities and towns, fields and rice paddies, forests and jungles, mountains and hills, oceans and lakes, deserts and swamps, airport terminals and suburban houses, clouds and grass, runways and taxiways, in all areas of the FS world!

FS9 Evo also has dense custom autogen for all files that can be annotated.

FS9 Evo also has new and I believe unique 3D lights integrated into the autogen. You will need to download a freeware third-party object library to use them. At the moment, some useres experience a framerate hit. The light density is controlled through the autogen slider so you should find a level were it works for you. A set of reduced lamp models is being worked on by a couple of guys - 3D modelling is beyond me.

FS9 Evo is compatible with Ultimate Terrain and all other land class because basically it is just another texture replacement add-on.

FS9 Evo is optimized for UT land class. Using UT or another good land class add-on will bring best results. Mario Noriega (who has given us so many nice planes)is currently working on an OSM based vector scenery that should work nicely with Evo. Check out Mario's work here: http://forum.avsim.net/forum/719-mario-noriega-designs/

FS9 Evo is also compatible with other texture add-ons although there will probably be color mismatches. If you want to mix FS9 Evo with other texture addons, use the split folder install to select the textures you want.

FS9 Evo is summer, autumn and early winter only at this time with the other seasons to follow asap.

If you want to learn more about FS9 Evo just browse this thread: http://forum.avsim.net/topic/408107-...his-guy-do-it/ here in the FS9 Evolution forum or through the beta thread: http://www.sim-outhouse.com/sohforum...testers-wanted . Both have lots of comments on Fs9 Evo.

Lots of screenshots here: https://plus.google.com/u/0/117587056222120146687/posts with more being added regularly. If you want to see a particular area, just drop me a line here or at Google+ or by mail to fs9evo@gmail.com.


You can also check the videos I posted on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4u...S6HYLhg/videos

There are some more links in my avsim forum signature.


Please note that I use ENB series in most of my screenshots.

FS9 Evo has been publically beta tested by members of the community so should not hold any unwelcome surprises. There are a few crashes with some older scenery, deactivating these is a quick and dirty fix. User Ematheson is trying to find the files called up by the VTP protocol of those sceneries, once it is found the issue should be fixed quickly!


If you do encounter issues, please post them in this forum AND send me an email to fs9evo@gmail.com.

There is no installer because I haven't managed to make one which works. You just need to drop the Evo files into the fs9/texture and fs9/scenery/texture directories. Detailed instructions are included.

Well that is it! I hope you enjoy FS9 Evo! Don't forget to make backups before installing!


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My last update post from February here as disappeared for some reason, strange!

To repeat: EVO with all latest updates is still at version EVO 2016, but there are a lot of February 2017 updates (as of Feb 2017 you only need the updates in directory 2016_complete_updates, ignore all previous updates), but a new version is on the way which will be EVO 2017.

Don't ask when it will be released, I promise it will be in this year!




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Hi, Sascha! Are there another pay methods insted PayPal? I do not have a PP account and do not want create it only for this very one transaction) May by routine transfer to your credit card number?

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