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Brand new build, please help me tweak for my setup

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I'm now the proud owner of the following setup:


i7 4790k (currently at stock but will probably try and get 4.7Ghz out of it when I'm happy with everything)

Corsair H60 AIO

16gb (2x8) of 2400 Mhz C11 (I believe my RAM will get to C10 but for now it's 11)

256gb Crucial MX100 SSD

GIgabyte Z97n Wifi

Nvidia 970 GTX (Actually this is incoming, I'm doing my best to wait for the best card that will fit in my case)

Silverstone SG05 case


I have FSX and Acceleration up and running with Windows 8.1 on the SSD and it all seems to work well on the HD4600 as far as stability goes. I am hampered as far as overclocking by my case so just assume I won't push too far.


However, I know I will need to do a bit of tweaking to get the best out of my system.


I used to mainly fly the PMDG 737 and 747 over FS Global SE on FS9 with the odd payware airport and I will probably look at the 777 and 737NG over some form of scenery and bigger payware airports although I'm keen to get a good G1000 Cessna and maybe get OrbX UK.


I realise there are tons of threads on tweaks (I read a lot of them a while back) but I would appreciate some essential CFG tweaks plus recommended slider settings for my rig...I used to tweak and not fly 10 years ago, I'm determined not to follow that path this time.


Can anyone throw what they have/would do at me? I had considered staying DX9 for simplicity but can be swayed.


Thanks a lot.


Jonathan Clarke

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I would give FSX a good test run before doing anything.  Determine what you can expect from a stock computer and stock install of FSX before messing with anything.

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