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  1. The answer to your question is the Titan X. My advice is to wait and see what Nvisia Pascal brings though. If you can't wait, get a GTX 970, no point in dropping big bucks on a 980ti and I am still hugely CPU limited with mine coupled with a 4790k @4.5ghz. I run this system on a 450w psu which is more than enough for a single 970.
  2. All 970s have GDDR 5. There is very little difference between these cards outside of the cooling solution.
  3. Ah right I was thinking you'd left room to make it 32gb.
  4. You sure you don't want to add 8gb and run in dual channel
  5. If you just slapped it in with the same fsx.cfg then that is hopefully the source of your troubles. Heat won't cause that. It would just throttle. Have you tried running unigine valley to make sure the card isn't faulty?
  6. You definitely should wait before upgrading your CPU. When running FSX whilst monitoring GPU usage, do you ever see your card at max usage? My 970 rarely goes over 55% with DSR 4x.
  7. I might be wrong but I think you need to watercool to get the 6 and 8 core chips to a decent overclock. A full platform upgrade with expensive CPUs and DDR4 plus potential cooling expense in my opinion is not worth it, regardless of whether it gives you a few fps etc...and I haven't read one story about anyone going Haswell-E from a 4ghz+ quad core and being impressed. I believe it can help with texture loading but that's all. At this point (4790k/970/2400c11/SSD) I think I will be waiting a long time to upgrade just for FSX.
  8. As long as you are working with filters that make use of your gpu then you are completely covered as far as he other half goes
  9. The only part of that machine that could be considered overkill is the amount of RAM. If you're stitching big panoramas or working with heavy PSDs then great, otherwise do you need it? Personally I think it's a bit of a mismatch building a 4790k, 970 GTX and 8gb of RAM, even if you don't need 8gb now. RAM is only going up in price and this machine could last many years depending on the future of FSX/P3D. Yes the 4790k will turbo to 4.4ghz but only on one core. If all four cores are active, the max frequency is 4.2ghz. If you can keep your temps down below 75c after a decent FSX session, overclock your system to whatever you can get for less than 1.3v vcore. FSX will always benefit from extra Mhz and by the way, if you enable your XMP profile to make the RAM run at its rated speed, you're already overclocking and will be glad you're not on the stock cooler.
  10. I run FSX and Windows on the same SSD and anything like mesh that can be run from a mechanical drive on a USB 3.0 external drive. Once it's all up and running I only ever see the odd ping of HD activity light and I really don't feel the need to get a dedicated FSX SSD. I don't use photo scenery though, maybe it helps that?
  11. Yeah if you can do without AA and lots of clouds while you test then the IGP is fine.
  12. McGraw

    GTX 970 feedback

    They only throttle at 81c (or higher if you've raised the TDP limit).
  13. I have that exact card. No coil whine, overclocks well and doesn't throttle in benches, even in my tiny ITX case. Don't forget to register as the card only comes with a 2 year warranty if you don't register it in time. Noise wise it's quiet on the stock profile but I like to run it at high speed to keep my motherboard temps down.
  14. Of course a lot depends on the overclock possibilities of the 4930k vs the hypothetical 4790k but pure bang for buck, the 4790k will never be 37% better which is how much more expensive it would be.