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  1. FSW Free for Flight School Users

    As someone who will benefit from the give away, thank you DTG, I look forward to trying it out. I note someone said in an early post see how long will it be before the complainers start, well I am not complaining as I have not yet seen the product, I do have the concern of others though regarding add-ons. The current word going around is that DTG will allow third party add-ons with two proviso's. The first being that all add-ons are applied and run via Steam and second that they are purchased directly from DTG's own online steam store. In itself that does not sound to bad, until you realise that Steam on average takes a fair size percentage cut on sales and DTG will also want a cut for selling other peoples add-on's. Can you really see PMDG and A2A to name just a couple of top developers, designing top study level aircraft, to have someone else take so much of their profit straight off or are we happy to pay 40-50% more for the products to compensate the developer for their loss, not to mention we would be able to buy the same product on a different platform far cheaper. Dovetail, you say you want to work with and understand the community, a huge thing to know is, if you do not allow these add-on software developers to charge and receive recompense for all of the development work that goes into a top end study level aircraft, they will just develop for the other platforms and sad to say many people will follow them. Do not make such a basic mistake at this early stage, please.