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  1. Carpe Diem

    FSW Free for Flight School Users

    As someone who will benefit from the give away, thank you DTG, I look forward to trying it out. I note someone said in an early post see how long will it be before the complainers start, well I am not complaining as I have not yet seen the product, I do have the concern of others though regarding add-ons. The current word going around is that DTG will allow third party add-ons with two proviso's. The first being that all add-ons are applied and run via Steam and second that they are purchased directly from DTG's own online steam store. In itself that does not sound to bad, until you realise that Steam on average takes a fair size percentage cut on sales and DTG will also want a cut for selling other peoples add-on's. Can you really see PMDG and A2A to name just a couple of top developers, designing top study level aircraft, to have someone else take so much of their profit straight off or are we happy to pay 40-50% more for the products to compensate the developer for their loss, not to mention we would be able to buy the same product on a different platform far cheaper. Dovetail, you say you want to work with and understand the community, a huge thing to know is, if you do not allow these add-on software developers to charge and receive recompense for all of the development work that goes into a top end study level aircraft, they will just develop for the other platforms and sad to say many people will follow them. Do not make such a basic mistake at this early stage, please.
  2. Thank you all for your replies to my first question. Does anyone have any ideas for the second part?
  3. You sussed me McGraw I do also work with PSD's as well as AI and sometimes huge InDesign files. In truth that is what the machine is for (as far as the wife is concerned), if it just happens to be well suited to FSX as well....... What a coincidence :wink:
  4. I had not planned on it certainly not at the moment. This chip will apparently step itself up to 4.4GHz if needed with no input from me, so I don't see any real point. What do you think?
  5. Sorry it will have a 1Tb data drive I just did not bother mentioning it as it will just be for data. I also do a little work with graphics so it will be used for that as well.
  6. Hi All I am starting on a project to dramatically improve my FSX experience and will do it in two parts, any help on either would be really appreciated. The first stage is a new main computer, the specs I am thinking of are: Intel I7-4790K 4.00GHz Asus Z97-A motherboard 500Gb Sansung 840 Evo SSD 16Mb Kingston HyperX fury - Black Edition MSI GTX970 Twin Frozr 4GB I am also thinking of a "be quiet Pure Rock BK009 CPU Cooler", Is this good enough for this spec of processor? Will this do the job? Is it overkill? Is there anywhere I can save a pound or two? The second part of my project is to use my old computer networked to my new one to run weather and the likes, the specs on that one are in brief: 2.33 GHz Intel Core2 Quad Gagabyte G31m-S2L GeForce GT640 4Gb Memory Does anyone have any experience of networking a second machine to run the add-ons? What is the best way to configure the machines? Which applications should I put on each machine? Thanks in advance for any help or even reading this far
  7. Hi all I have tried the fixes above by am still getting the same problem of what I can best describe as green bunkers all around the edges of taxiways and runways. I have moved my UK2000 EGCC above everything on my scenery list removed both files as suggested and even tried removing the third EGCC file from the ORBX directory any other suggestions. Many Thanks
  8. Carpe Diem

    PMDG 737NGX Livery Availability

    Hi All hoping someone can help out a newbie. I have today purchased 737 NGX (waiting for it to arrive) I have looked through the liveries available, but on reading one article it seemed to suggest that NGX adapted itself to the operating airline and the configuration of equipment that that airline uses. Could someone educate me please as to how this works. :blush: