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Australian ILS Approaches + General ILS approach info

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Hi there,


Its been a while, since i have studies aviation law/theory for australia and ILS. I have been working on my flight skills in the

PMDG 737 NGX. And i have several questions, as i try to fly as close as possible to real world procedures.




What is the difference between a CAT A,B,C,D approach and a 1, 2 or 3 approach


The way i understand it its a CAT A B C is an IFR approach, and CAT D is visual, A,B,C correllate with 1,2,3 Approaches



How can i read an ILS chart, to determine the correct DH for a Cat 1,2,3 approach? and What are the current

autoland regulations in australia (Last i heard was way back in 2007, which stated that there are no australian

airports certified for auto landing, So for a CAT 1 Approach, you were to disengate AP at the 200DH.


Boeing 737,

So that i follow these procedures, how would i go about correctly setting up the 737 NG for a Cat 1,2,3 approach?

Currently, the main one i follow, i beleive is from CAT II, being that. I intercept the Beacon, then ILS approach, with LOC/VOR

after the G/S is established i will switch to APP, then arm the second auto pilot. I will take the NG In on the approach until 200Ft AGL,

Which i generally set as my minimums at all times. After that i will disengage the auto pilot, and land the NG manually. (NOTE: When i am disengaging

the AP it will constantly buzz at me, im not sure if i am doing it correctly, when i have seen real world videos, it will only give 2 buzz's then just flash.)



Thanks very much for the help. Im sorry if this is the wrong forum. Im still trying to figure out AVSIM forums correctly


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I have a 737ngx YouTube channel with many training videos, all free...there is one on cat ILS approaches. Go to YouTube and add slash rfresh1011 and you'll see my channel...then find the cat3 video.

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