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Oliver Sims

Move FS9 to HDD from SSD

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Hi guys,


Just wondering, I have installed my FS9 on to my SSD but need to move to my HDD as my addons are taking up to much space. Do I need to Re-install it on to my HDD or is there a way where I can just move it across.


The next Question is how do I improve and tweak graphics on FS9 I have access to the config and other programs.


Much Appreciated

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When I got a SSD, I simply cloned my old drive onto it using Acronis - straightforward and no issues.


Problem with moving FSX or FS9 to another drive is that the registry entries point to the wrong drive.  F1 have a small program to correct this.


When I've done it in the past with both FS9 and FSX, I've reinstalled the simulator and copied my old fs9 or fsx folder over it (using the registry fixer when necessary).


You need to make sure you keep the files in your profile though which include the main program cfg and scenery cfg. Also the control settings unless you want to set up your controllers again.



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Junction links will solve your problem.  Basic procedure is to create a new folder (any name) on your HDD.  Move the entire contents of any folder from your SSD to this new folder on the HDD to create sufficient free space on the SSD -- the folder itself must still exist but be empty.  Create a junction link from the folder on the HDD to the folder on the SSD.  I use freeware program Junction Link Magic for this, can also be done from the command line.


Once you do this Windows and all windows programs will still see the original folder on your SSD, and will see all the files/subfolders (now on the HDD) as though they were still in the original location.  Of course they will be accessed at the speed of the HDD so things like defrag still apply.


scott s.


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