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How to install EZDOK for P3D?

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Hi guys... Maybe this was already dicussed .. but I have some specific question on this topic. I miss the VC head movement in P3D.  I do not care for the gazillion vc views. I am totally happy with the P3D stand views..external spot view, Tower view and the VC view (left side),, These three are the only views I want. 


1) What is the simplest and clean way to install EZDOK in P3D?

2) What file and where to download the latest ones for P3D?

3) I understand that I have to remove the key assignment in the controls and use FSUIPC.

4) My biggest fear is, when I install EZDOK, its going to mess with all my aircraft cfg files and add those dreaded camera views (Gazillion of them)  and I would have to manually go and remove them from the aircraft.cfgs.. HOW DO I AVOID THIS?


Again, my interest is only the head movement in VC.. I want nothing else from EZDOK.


Any ideas? Thanks for your help

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If you go into the p3d config file, there are dynamic head movement variables you can modify to your liking. Check out the SDK documents for explanation of each variable. If you install EZDok, you'll spend a bit of time stripping it down to just the DHM.


This is just a suggestion. Maybe you've already been there/done that.


If you want to install EZDok for just the head movement, there are a bunch of threads on Avsim listing steps to install EZDok. There are a few in the P3D forum specifically referencing installing into P3D v2. Maybe best to look in here. Not straight forward like installing into FSX.



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If you go into the p3d config file, there are dynamic head movement variables you can modify to your liking.


Thanks  Graham.. I didn't know about that.. Let me look into it.. 




Hmm...Anyone used this where I could copy  from? Ha HA! 


:lol: Head Movement


lonaccelonheadlon float -0.02
lonaccelonheadpitch float -0.01
rollaccelonheadlat float 0.01
yawaccelonheadlat float -0.1
rollaccelonheadroll float 0.1
maxheadangle float 5.0
maxheadoffset float 0.3
headmovetimeconstant float 1.0

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This may be a starting point for you:





Thanks Graham.. works like FSX did... I got some decent head movement.. I tried increasing those numbers but  beyond a point, its not moving much.  Its not as severe as what I had using EZDOK.. 


I may have to settle for this for now..


Thanks again. 

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It's not what you're looking for, I know. Perhaps someone with a better idea of how to manipulate the variables will see the post.



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