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Cessna 207 Soundset

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The default sounds are not bad, the exterior is pretty much the same used on Carenado C206...and the interior has a new work, which could be better, but is not that bad, in my case, some time ago, I got the Synchrosoft C206 sound pack and I replaced the default Carenado C206 sound for the Synchrosoft, and with this C207, I replaced the whole interior rpm sounds for the ones of Synchrosoft C206 and it's much much better!


Now this new soundpack from them for the 207, it's pretty nice too!, I could get it...



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The default sounds are not bad


That just shows how people can differ in opinion. I think the C207 has one of the best engine sounds out there. I want planes at least to be close to the original, but more importantly, sound like "heavy" sounds that come from an engine and not a speaker and that's the case with the engine sounds of this plane. I'm very disappointed in the sound of most Alabeo/Carenado planes out there, but pleasantly surprised with this one, most definitely in my top 3 when it comes to sound.

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