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  2. That happens when you use the wrong version. I used the correct one never had a single crash, not just in the menu, but not even the game (as far as I can remember). Unlike what you claim, uiautomationcore.dll is most definitely required as stated a few years ago on the blog of one of the developers who worked on FSX. It depends on which OS you're using.
  3. DX10 anti-aliasing is rather poor, it results in shimmering scenery and cockpit, it really kills the immersion in my opinion. I have none of these problems in DX9 with 4xS and 4xSGS selected in Nvidia Inspector, it makes scenery and cockpit look SUBSTANTIALLY better and I can't say that it affects my frame rates, but then again, my card is rather fast.
  4. phmcrt wrote: "Your graphics engine has trouble processing the whole picture" I don't understand why you talk about memory in that context. Memory is just one thing that could cause issues and if it would have been a lack of memory, then you would have probably crashed with an OOM (Out Of Memory) error. A slow video card, a poor driver, wrong setting or poor tweaks are just a few things that could also lead to issues like this (more likely than lack of memory)
  5. Meh... not uncommon under those circumstances with a decent machine. Wait until you're in a thunderstorm with settings at max, strong anti-alias settings in Nvidia inspector, taxing on the ground at a large add-on for Heathrow with all settings at max including AI during "rush hour" and with a PMDG 777... have fun!
  6. FSGRW is less demanding than ASN in heavy weather (default settings) and this is coming from a fan and user of ASN.
  7. Did you contact RealAir to inform them about your findings and what was their response?
  8. The fastest way to solve a computer problem is by ruling things out and not by ramdomly fiddling. By just renaming your FSX.cfg and allowing FSX to create a new one, you could in a very short time rule out major issues with your configuration. The same story for files like exe.xml, dll.xm, scenery.cfg, etc. Also look at your add-ons and their settings Depends on what you call moderate. There is a little more we can do, since we don't know your add-ons, their settings, the content of FSX.cfg, scenery.cfg, exe.xml, dll.xml, your driver settings, where you're flying when you get low frame rates, what kind of weather you have, etc, etc. I could list leterally close to a 100 things (if not more) that could affect your frame rates.
  9. In that case this thread shouldn't even exist, let alone with a title like "FSX .... End of an era".
  10. I seriously doubt that. I've monitored my graphics card with GPU-Z when it would sometimes artifact on High 2.x and it wasn't even close to being stressed out. It's a design issue in FSX if you ask me.
  11. It's alway nice to see threads like these that again confirm that I'm one of the lucky few who can tell the difference between rushed "quick bucks" products and the planes from (I bow for them) A2A, RealAir, Majestic and PMDG.
  12. With Venema's logic, Adobe would never have switched from 16 to 32 bit or more recently, 64 bit...and also they have to deal with the fact that third party developers have developed tens of thousands of plugins, add-ons or programs that rely on their products. If Venema thinks that LM can stop progress, then he's hallucinating. The huge majority is already using a 64 bit OS, soon we'll see 8 core processors becoming common place or graphics cards that make a GTX 980 look like a 9800 GT. You can optimize VAS all you want, but at one point you're reaching limits (which P3D already does!), with graphics that will still look like the ones from FSX ...cough, cough.... almost 10(!) years old. Improved shadows, lighting or fog will never fix that. Compare that to the improvements in popular gaming... On top of that, if Venema wants to keep selling his products, he will have to make them look better and better. When you visit flightsimstore.com you'll notice that FTX Global, Vector and LC continue to be he his best selling products. To keep that going he'll need to improve those products and to make them look better, you're always going to meet the evil VAS at one point. If he thinks that he can just survive by pumping out more and more airports, then he needs to think again.... And look at the current situation with all these so called "VAS optimizations" in P3D: No... you can NOT continue this way without 64 bit and if you do, it's only a matter of time before someone else takes over, like a 64 bit Xplane that could start a kickstarter campaign with additional support from a major investor. And don't underestimate Dovetail Games, they have some major plans for the future with their business and I wouldn't be surprised if that could also include a brand new flight simulator, nothing related to FSX. The owners are very determined to become a major player in the simulation industry (their own words) and it's not without a reason that their reasonable young company has already over 100+ employees. Blackberry thought they were invincible too.... Internet Explorer was the most popular browser by far... and look at it now. 64 bit or the customers will eventually move elsewhere... I can guarantee you that! No company is invincible!
  13. Please, can we just stick to the topic of this thread, instead of chatting about the metric/imperial system, French, Canada or any other off-topic subject you guys can think of? Thanks.
  14. Quote P3D developer Kevin Cartrette: "This attempts to optimize multiple parts of a model by combining them into fewer meshes if possible. If you have a complex model that is not already optimized to reduce draw calls etc, this will attempt to do that for you. There is some overhead to this, as it happens at runtime when the model is being loaded and ideally the model would already be optimized before runtime. This only happens for FSX Models, and not older model types." Quote P3D developer Adam Breed: "The reason this is disable by default is we identified potential issues with crashing on Windows 8 machines." Geesh guys, don't you ever check the P3D forum, you know....the guys who actually made this product....
  15. Sorry Robert, I planned to buy the Turbine, but since you obviously care more about potential customers than existing customers who are already facing a lack of landing lights of almost 1 1/2 year, I don't see why I should buy the Turbine with such a lack of customer service. I pass.
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