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How much throttle should i use on my CS707?

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After the 727 was a failure i decided to reinstall the 707 again, the 707 runs smooth :)

Now i got a bit of a question on how much power i should use, i got the feeling when i'm reducing the power to anything less than 90% the plane keeps slowing down untill it stalls.

How much power should i be using?

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That's a bit of a tricky case since we don't know:

To what value "90% refers.

What the gross weight of the plane is.

At which altitude you want to fly.

How fast you want to fly.

How the plane is configured.

What the environmental conditions are.

The phase of flight you are in.



So, starting with the takeoff, does that work for you? What's the weight? Your reference value should be the airspeed and a heavy 707 needs a lot on that scale.


There's a file in the Avsim library called, which gives you some planning values for the cruise stage and procedures to follow. You will find that it offers different values for each weight and, on the takeoff, references to V2+x to help you on e.g. retracting the flaps or setting up for the initial climb.


In short, a generic answer to "how much power is needed" can not be given. :mellow: For the cruise portion, you can safely aim at maintaining M0.80 for example. This results in a power setting, but that one will change with your plane getting lighter due to burned fuel.

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In short, a generic answer to "how much power is needed" can not be given.


Yes, just too many variables too sort through so you'll never have one definitive answer if you want to fly it realistically. Take a look at those tables that CoolP listed. That will answer most of your questions. Learning to fly by RL values is what makes these classics an interesting study. Otherwise they just kind of become a toy rather than a sim, but thats just me.

For me it was all about tweaking cfg., air and panel files to make these things as real as possible based on real world documentation. 

As an example- at Take off.  If you install Paul's V-one gauge in the 707(provides file and data corrections along with auto generated tables), and look at outside temp, altitude, CG ( has more to do with trim), weight of  aircraft,  you'll get a fairly realistic EPR to use for T/O and climb if you use the tables in the zip file. If you adhere to that, you'll find the model and real world 707 will chew up the same distance of prescribed runway length for take off. So you can bring these models to mimic real life to a large extent. That's the fun of it for me anyway. Takes some research and time but I enjoy it. I also try and find RL type pilots to talk with and ask these types of questions. Their wisdom is invaluable. Especially with these older planes such as the 707 and 727, documentation and performance info. is getting hard to find. .Just a suggestion. Everyone uses FS differently and that's fine of course.




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Adding to Brian's text, always take a look into the 707 forums over at CS. Some answers might already be available and if Lou is around, you can even ask a former rw 707 pilot. You will see that he has answered some topics already, so really make use of the search feature. :smile:

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