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Garry J. Smith

Some Interesting Things about the Ford Project Site

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November 2014 already - we at the Ford Tri-Motor Project site are now into our 4th year of providing a plethora of "Low and Slow" historical renditions of aircraft, liveries and scenery via the web site.  


All downloads are  FREE from the Ford Project Site - yes, that's right, everything has been FREE to the simming community since the inception of the Project.  No hidden cost, no membership fees, no restricted access or speed - everything on the site gifted to simmers all over the world.


The Ford Tri-Motor Project was conceived by Edward Moore way back in February 2011 when he wanted just a few Ford Tri-Motor repaints created that he could then shared with the simming community - By November 2011 a web site was started off with a batch of Default Microsoft Ford Tri-Motor Special Repaints on a couple of pages - that grew into a total of well over 350 Ford repaints.


Now the site contains 35 pages of downloads with a plethora of aircraft, liveries and some incredible historical scenery - more than 2,000 files are now available from this one site and that number is still growing.


Aircraft that we now have liveries for are: Ford Tri-Motor, Vickers Vimy,  Douglas DC3, Curtiss Jenny, de Havilland DH80A (wheels and floats) de Havilland 88, de Havilland 91, MAC Flamingo, Lockheed Vega 5, Fleet Freighter 50K (Tundra Wheels, Ski's and Floats),  and several other small batches for era specific aircraft such as Junker F13, Messerschmitt ME108, Boeing Clipper and Boeing 221A.


Many award winning aircraft and textures are now exclusively available via the Ford Project Site.


We now track, by counters, about 20% of the overall downloads - and tracking of some only started about 2 years ago and most counters only active from the beginning of this year and some trackers only recently created - and some yet to be implemented for new releases coming soon.   Those trackers provide a feedback of over 261 thousand downloads as of 11 Nov 14 - yep over a quarter of a million tracked downloads.


You do the numbers, 20% tracked over various time frames far less than the sites current existence - got to be a big number :-)


I think we have achieved well over a million total downloads over the last 3 year - nearly three hundred thousand new visitors, since we started tracking those as well, and uncounted return visitors who have benefited and enjoyed this vast volume of FREE downloads. 


We added about 50 Flight Sim related Jigsaw Puzzles just over a year ago - which has now grown to over 400 puzzles - just for a fun diversion from the serious work of Flight Simming and they are rushing towards 100,000 downloads before this Christmas (2014)  - 70 thousand by Aug/Sep this year and now over 90 thousand at the beginning of November 2014. 


The most interesting thing is that the Ford Project Site and the majority of the contents has all been generated by just 2 people.  Edward C. Moore, the driving force on the content and the overall financing of the entire project, and myself (Garry J. Smith) producing most of the content, web site and artwork. 


Sorry if I have bored you with this burst of Ford Project information, but I thought 3 great years of service to the community by the Ford Project Team (of 2) is a worthy milestone for the Ford Project and it is still growing in quality and quantity as it enters into its fourth year of servicing the Flight Sim Community with FREE product.


We hope that many are enjoying our humble endeavours to "Keep History Alive" for flight simming buffs all over the world.


For those who want to check out what is available at the Ford Tri-Motor Project Site surf to: 


Spend some time just browsing about - check out the many slideshows which give a detailed view of the bucket of projects we have developed so far.  Aircraft, Liveries, Scenery - the list goes on and on :-)


I almost guarantee that you will not leave the site empty handed - something of interest for just about everyone - even if you just grab a Jigsaw Puzzle (now 5 pages of them) to see what they are like to do, and I am sure you will come back for more.




Edward C. Moore and Garry J. Smith 

Your Ford Project Team.

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2000 files and more than 261000 downloads, that is an impressive achievement, I must have contributed almost a hundred to that number myself!


I have also read the history on the home page, very interesting but I'd like to read more about the background of this interesting project ...


Take care and thank you for all your contributions!


All the best!


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Great work guys.

Am I right in thinking that all of the liveries, aircrafts supperted etc, are for FS9 only, and FSX is not covered by the project?

Whatever the D/L numbers, I bet you could multiply them by 5x if models for FSX were supported and not just FS9.

But either way, great effort, well done.

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Well, yes, we have a major focus on FS9 but if the aircraft is FSX compatible it can be flown in FSX. 

For example, the Ford Tri-Motor, Douglas DC3, Curtiss Jenny, Vickers Vimy, Lockheed Vega and De Hailland 88 are all flyable in FSX without any problems.  We have just over six hundred REPAINTS for these models at the Ford Project web site.  Just do not use DX10 mode and the BMP files work fine in FSX.  Also the DH80 & DH89a models work well in FSX.

True our scenery is for the most part only usable in FS9 but the jig-saw PUZZLEs work no matter what FS you use (smile)! 

Good luck and happy flying. 

All the best.


Ed Moore

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