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"Run App Wizard"... not working exactly

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UPDATE: I found the spot to configure my PTT button under the ATC tab in the main Control Panel. Still not sure why the App Wizard stops when it gets to the spot mentioned below.





I just bought MCE last night and got the key this morning. I played with the demo and found it to be interesting so, I bought it. Today, I have spent about 6 hours trying, in vane, to get even the "simple" IFR flight to work properly. Too much chatter form "Trav" and too many interruptions from "that female voice" in the background.


Anyway, for some reason, my "PTT" button is not working (the one I chose in the APP Wizard). When I try to run APP Wizard, it seems to have trouble when it gest to the "Choose sound device" screen. I have a Logitech USB headset and when I choose that, the wizard goes no farther... it simply disappears. If I try to run it again, it disappears in the same spot. I have tried to "Restore to Factory Settings" and then restart the "APP Wizard" but it disappears just after I choose the Logitech USB Headset (for the speaker output). I went even farther and uninstalled and reinstalled the main MCE program from scratch with the same result.


So, can anyone suggest how I can get the App Wizard to run through all the sections so I can have my Joystick Button 1 be my PTT button. Also, how do I "turn off" that female voice in the background... permanently if possible!


OH BTW, I have used VoxATC for years, so I am aware of the "slight" pitfalls of using a voice activated system to communicate with/to my computer. In other words, I don't expect perfection from any program that relies on "voice recognition". Just want it to work reasonable well since I have invested (like all of you) quite a bit of money.


Thanks in advance!



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So, can anyone suggest how I can get the App Wizard to run through all the sections so I can have my Joystick Button 1 be my PTT button


Welcome aboard Murray


It's actually possible to adjust FO chatter. Go to "Advnced options" panel (via "More options.." button in General tab of the UI.


The wizard is a completely separate application from MCE. Its main job is to check that you have a working speech engine, and should assist you with setting input and output to preferred devices, without the need to set a specific audio device as default in Windows control panel.


Everything the wizard does, could eventually be achieved manually, by following some instructions. The wizard is meant to do without reading stuff.


Not sure why the wizard isn't handling the device switching. Had one user report such behaviour under Windows 8 via e-mail.


Try running the wizard in "Windows 7" compatibility mode. And if that's a no-go, set your USB headset in Windows Control panel, as the default for audio-in and audio-out.


Some joysticks have some buttons in the "always ON" position. As a result, when you attempt to select a different button, it appears stuck on the "always ON" one. 


For now, proceed as follows.


Open C:\Users\your_user_name\AppData\Roaming\Multi Crew Experience\mce.ini


Look at the [GAMEPAD] section.


Leave all joystick info as is, and just change






"JoyButton=1" (either 1 or whatever button number you think should do the PTT job)


While you are looking at that file, it's possible to actually use that same joystick button to mute MCE completely when using VoxATC.


Just change


"UseWithVoxATC=0" to




Restart MCE and disable the "Talk to ATC" feature and you should have MCE and VoxATC working together.


PS: Forgot to add, the wizard app name is "xpwiz.exe" and is found in MCE installation folder. Right-click, select Properties. Go to Compatibility tab and select option run as Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 7

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