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I have ASN with latest service pack.

My problem is that each and every flight I see clouds are drawn around my plane, like big circle around.

I can clearly see clouds borderline.

That is quite annoying.

I have set upper visibility at 80nm, clouds min draw distance for 100nm, max draw distance for 110 nm.

As per such settings I should not see clouds borderline, and those should be drawn until visibility limit.

Somehow my settings do not work as I wish to.

Any hints ?


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I have this issue as well.  When flying above overcast conditions, the clouds stop short well before the visibility ends even though I have the cloud draw distance and visibility set to the same distance.  Also, the edges of the clouds are straight lines and right angles.  I didn't see this before the latest update.


That said, in the ASN forum there is a similar post and the response was that this could be a combination of cloud textures, texture resolution and graphics drivers.  The suggestion was to try different textures and settings and see if anything changes.  I've picked different REX textures but haven't had a chance to test it yet.  I will be interested to read about others experiences with this.



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Hi Don,


I think I have found reason ( at least for my case ).

Time ago I have changed 'cloud coverage' from 8 to 7 in fsx.cfg ( to gain some FPS )

When I came back to value 8, clouds are properly visualized.

( I always used REX clouds, do not really think it is cloud texturing problem )

Maybe that is also ur issue ?

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