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I have downloaded and am setting up the A2A C182. Thanks for the module.


Something strange...The WX button on the EFIS cluster does not work in the C182. At first I thought it might be the MCP. But then I loaded up the A2A C172 and the button is functional. Can I get some troubleshooting tips, so that I can solve the issue? I am using LINDA 2.5 and the Boeing MCP2.


Thanks for all you do.

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Hi gfd


There are 3 possible problems with the WX button. It is not programmed, FSUIPC and, therefore, LINDA cannot see it or it is broken. I suggest you try the following to see which one it it is:


1. Go to the MCP EFIS page and check that a valid function is applied to the button. As the C182 has no weather radar it could be that it has not be programmed (I am not at my PC to check). Try changing to a function you know works and can see working (ie. The battery switch).


2. Open up FSUIPC4 from Addons menu and check that FSUIPC is detecting the button press. If it is LINDA should also see it.


3. Finally to check for a hardware fault. Switch off your MCP panel and switch it on in test mode. To do this on the MCP2 (Boeing) set to Autopilot Disengage switch to down (and of the MCP Airbus FCU set the Baro Units switch to InHg) and switch the panel on. Now as you press each operate each control the lights will flicker and the control name will appear in the radio LCD.


If you get here without solving your problem then we need to think again.

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Thanks for the reply,


1 - Function was valid. Was able to apply it to the STA button.


2 - FSUIPC saw the button presses (more on this below).


3 - All buttons switches, and knobs worked in test mode.


Now for the weird part:


-fired up the C182 today. The WX button would not respond to 'A182 Floodlight toggle'.

-checked to see if FSUIPC saw the button(s). The answer yes. However, about half of the time, it took 2 presses for FSUIPC to recognize the key press of any of the buttons on the MCP. I should say rather, FSUIPCs recognition of the buttons is erratic. When I assigned parking brakes to the WX button, it usually took 2 presses to activate the control. I am using 4.937.

-loaded up the A2A C172 and was able to assign to the WX button.

-then loaded up C182 again and was able to assign parking brakes toggle to the WX button in FSUIPC.

-deleted the FSUIPC assignment and was able to assign 'A2A Floodlight toggle' to the WX button in LINDA.

-restarted P3D 2.4 and loaded up the C182. I was able to toggle the floodlights.


This seems a bit strange to me. The behaviour of the WX button; FSUIPC requiring 2 presses to see a button, etc. Is it possible that I need to reinstall the COM driver for the MCP? The COM driver version is from August of this year. I downloaded from FTDI.


Thanks again for your time.

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You have to assign things twice in FSUIPC with the VRi hardware, that's the way they are designed, each button can have two functions assigned on alternate button presses. If you only want one thing you assign it to both press and release option in the FSUIPC GUI. The only VRi devices that don't work like that are the devices that are seen as normal joysticks, things like the GPS5 and TT Panel etc.

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