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Camera Control via Keyboard or Icons

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Recently I was asked if it would be possible to create an Icon to display the overhead in the CS777. Since the overhead in that aircraft is a custom camera view in the virtual cockpit, there is no "ident" number like there is with 2d popup panels.


The answer to the question is buried in the fine print of the SDK as usual...


...there is a hint with this completely undocumented command: VIEW_CAMERA_SELECT_START


This command is used in conjunction with an entry the user can make in the Camera definition in the aircraft.cfg file. This parameter is:


HotKeySelect=n (where n may be 0, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9)
  • Camera 1 is assigned to Virtual Cockpit (F9)
  • Camera 2 is assigned to 2d Cockpit (F10)
  • Camera 3 is assigned to Spot View, Locked (F11)
  • Camera 4 is assigned to Top Down (F12)
For example, I've added this to my C310R's aircraft.cfg file:

Title = "Lower Panel"
Guid = {D95E57AC-1EF3-442e-901D-8C7168F4DA9D}
Description = Virtual Cockpit Lower Panel
Origin = Virtual Cockpit
Category = Cockpit
... etc.
I have assigned "Shift+F12" to control Camera 5 in the Control Assignment dialog. Now, pressing Shift-F12 on the keyboard will instantly select "Virtual Cockpit Lower Panel". Pressing F9 will instantly return me to the "Virtual Cockpit" camera.


Now while I did not need to assign a key-combo in the Control Assignment dialog, I just wanted to try it out. For the purposes of the OP however, what is important is that the following should now work either through a C or XML gauge:


similarly, this should return one to the Virtual Cockpit camera:


This will also work for C gauges using the equivalent command:


Those View Selects can also be assigned via FSUIPC as well as they are standard offsets 66851 - 66860. See pages 6 & 7 of the "List of FSX Controls.pdf" that is supplied as part of the FSUIPC4 documentation.

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Thanks Bill. I just used your idea to make camera definitions and toggle switches for the HMS Bounty. Works like a charm, Bob.

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You are most welcome! I noticed your contribution in the SOH thread.

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