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vrinsight with pmdg 737ngx issues

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I just recieved this wonderful overHEAD PANEL but the dc and ac voltmeter screen does not show the numbers,just the horizantal lines even though the overhead in the sim does show thevalues. All other knobs and switches seem to work. Please advise

thx Lee

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We have been waiting 3 years for PMDG to fix this, they (Robert himself) promised in person to a VRi developer at an FS Convention that a fix in an SDK update was coming after the 777 was released, but as you can see they still haven't honoured that promise. The door open annunciators don't work either, another missing and promised item in the NGX SDK SP2.

Cheers, Andy.

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Thanks for your response. Now at least I don't have a defective unit.


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Andy Baker-


You seem to be of the impression that I have promised someone we would drop tools and focus on one particular item for a single developer.


You are either misinformed, or a liar intent on creating problems in the forum.


PMDG has a number of fixes logged for the NGX, and those will be rolled into a future update of the NGX.  If you participate regularly in this forum, then you would know that our original plan had been to update the NGX immediately following the 777, but after the 777 was completed we found that the breadth of changes between the two products make an NGX update FAR more complicated than originally planned.


We have stated that clearly in this forum a number of times.


In your simplistic little world, it might appear that I was not honest- but the harsh reality is that we occasionally have to adapt to challenges as we learn them.  We deal with our customers honestly- and had you asked me  for information I would have responded to you respectfully, rather than treating you like a half-witted problem child nudnik.  (no offense to nudniks who provide actual value to the human race is intended.)


I wish my world were as simple as yours- but unfortunately I deal with reality.

Robert S. Randazzo coolcap.gif


You can find us at:  http://forum.pmdg.com

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