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FSX Stuttering once again

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Hi everyone,


I hate to bring this stuff up again....... but I have reached my boiling point.


I recently bought a brand new custom computer:

I7-4790k @ 4.6GHz

16GB Ram

GTX 780 Ti SC


I am also running a 28" 4k Monitor at full resolution.


I have followed NickN's guide to the end, but kept getting OOMs in DX9. I was very sad about this because my sim was PERFECT. NO stuttering, BUTTER smooth. The OOMs left me with no choice. Stepped up my game and decided to switch to DX10.


The sim, for the most part has been running well, as I can get a constant 29.9 FPS. But, as we know, FPS doesn't mean anything in FSX. The problem is, it doesn't look smooth. At all. I use TrackIR, and this becomes very annoying while trying to look around.


Yesterday, I decided to change my Bufferpools setting to UsePools=0 (formerly UsePools=1\\Poolsize=5242880\\RejectThreshold=524288) and setting my framerate to Unlimited (formerly locked at 30). I know that's the opposite of what most people recommend, but it is the only way I can have someting closer to smooth. The problem that I run into with this setting is my GPU usage can spike up to 98%. I can now get a much higher framerate and much more smoothness, with some stuttering.


I use 8x AA in the Fixer, and I use AffinityMask=14 (HT Off)


Any informaiton will be greatly appreciated.


Thank You all,



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