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REX 4 Direct NOTAM! DX(x) mode.... under either FSX(x) or P3D(x)

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Hi everybody...first off, Happy New Year...and now...the following:


Boy..can this be so easily overlooked:


When you switch between placing texture sets in either FSX(x) or P3D(x)....by the Flight Sim selection tab-button, make sure that you also change (this is NOT DONE AUTOMATICALLY!) DX modes as well.  I wondered why my water and animation textures for water looked so dull and crappy...and then by glancing at the three (3) DX(x) set up tabs...saw that even though I had set Rex 4 Direct's flight sim button to FSX, the DX formats were still set to what I use (DX(11) in P3D v2.4.


They don't switch back and forth in your FSX and/or P3D original pre-sets.  You could still have (as I did) DX11 in play, even though you want either DX9 or in my case (Steve's Fixer), DX10.


So...I manually changed all the DX sets to DX10 (for my needs) and then replaced all my texture sets for clouds, and water back into FSX-MS.


WHAT A DIFFERENCE!   The water is now back and alive in wave movement...everything, now under DX10.


So...this is very important.  When you change the Flight Sim selection button to either FSX(x) or P3D(x)....you must also change the DX(x)'s that are supported for that particular sim BEFORE you place textures (send textures) to that selected sim.


I wonder how many of you (which included me...) had been placing FSX textures into FSX(x), with DX11 set...which FSX(x) does NOT support.


So...a NOTAM, and head's up.  As soon as I reapplied my texture prefs, under DX10...everything in the word 'gorgeous' was restored....



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