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FSX reinstall which products need de-activation

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Hi All,


I bought Orbx Global during the Xmas sale and saw my FPS drop to the single digits.. I was thinking of trying out the Steam version to see if it helps..


I thought reading a thread last week, I saw that FSDT needs to be deactivated prior to uninstall.. Are there other companies that also require Deactivation?


I have








GEX (which I won't be using since I'm trying to use Orbx)

PMDG (I know this isn't ready for Steam yet)

Drzewieki Designs




Aerosoft Twin Otter







do I need to be concerned with any of these other companies activation during this re-install process as well?


Thanks in advance..

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Found some settings in the Orbx Manual that raised the FPS a lil. So putting off the 're-install' for now...


Boy ORBX Global is gorgeous, but it sure does eat a lot more FPS than GEX. Also I have been running Orbx PNW for a while, so thought Global would be the same or no affect. Only place I suffered in PNW was KSFF, but the rest of the airports, I was fine.


Still glad I grabbed Global during the sale.. Now I'm thinking I need to save up for a new MB and Memory to try and get my FPS up a lil more!..

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Although you do not have these, I learned the hard way that, when reinstalling Win7 and then FSX, Radar Contact 4 will need to be activated again via email (not hard to do and the response is within 24 hours), and for FSX Fiber Acceleration, you need to transfer the license (via the Transfer License button) BEFORE the reinstall (of course I always forget to do this until it's too late).

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Yes, you're correct, I do not have those two..


Outside the FSX world,, the only place I had problems with Hardware Changes was DCS and Battlefront, and one of them was just the video card upgrade.. I hate losing 'activation' for no reason. But I guess as long as the manufacturer is willing to give you new ones when you need them. So for now my only 'deactivation' will be FSDT,, unless I hear otherwise. But will hold off a bit longer on Steam, until the ASN and PMDG are fixed..

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If you are keeping FSDT on the same machine, you do not need to deactivate (FSX does not have to be uninstalled). That's only for moving from one machine to another computer (and I found the last time I changed machines you really don't need to do that either as they will reactivate or they did for me just by reinstalling on the new machine). I think they realize many people, like me, forget to deactivate first on the old system.


You do not have to remove FSX on your computer. FSX and FSX SE can live together on the same machine as they are installed in completely different directories. Once FSX SE is installed, you simply install your FSDT airports and select FSX-SE when asked which product you want it installed to. That has to happen so it can use the appropriate installer. On my system I have FSX and P3D with the FSDT airports installed in both products.


So, there is no reason to wait to try out FSX-SE.


Best regards,

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Thanks for the info that I don't have to deactivate FSDT.


Isn't it better to just have 'one' FSX on the machine though (less compatibility problems and confusion during installs)? Mixed 'shared' registry settings?


I wonder if I should just try the Steam one with just Orbx and one add-on plane, and see if I get the same 'boost' that people are talking about.


If it's better, I would probably eventually do the single install, I would think that Steam on a 'clean' machine would have less problems if so..

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