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Huge Street Lights (Runway Lights are Fine)

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I've searched far and wide on the Internet and couldn't find much help with my problem.


My street lights are huge. 


Runway lights are fine, I'm using various tweaks for that, including the fsx.cfg changes + halo.bmp resizes and some other strobe.fx fixes.


I'm using Orbx Global and Orbx Vector + REX.  


Please see the attached screenshot to see what I mean. 



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I am afraid that's what you get with Global and vector even though they give yo a tool to make them small er it only works a bit at the smallest setting. Pretty much useless for a size tool



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Really?  No way of going smaller?  It looks decent from above.


I also turned off bloom which helped a little. 

This is how it looks from above... not too bad, anyone have any suggestions on how to make it better?



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..yeah, notice the lights, it is annoying and not very realistice



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There is a solution you just have to look where this thread was redirected to get the light configuator which is a free download from Orbx



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