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Full support for Worldliner 777 Pro ?

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I am wondering if you are going to add the 777 in the list of fully supported plane for X-plane 10.


This is the obvious thing to do, and will be coming as a free update within 2 months. Hopefully along with QPac A320 as well.


The long term plan is to support every third party aircraft worth interfacing within the X-Plane platform.


Just can't say in which order they will be dealt with. And it's the reason why we have this thread. Users more or less dictate which ones should be priority.


Note: Considering we have no competition with regards crew simulation on the X-Plane platform, it would have been easier for us to drip feed it with elaborate (or silly depending on your point of view)


MCE for FF 757 US$ 20

MCE for JAR A320 US$20

MCE for FlyJSim 732  US$ 20

MCE for FlyJSim Q400  US$ 20

MCE for SSG E170  E190  US$ 20

MCE for default X-Plane aircraft US$ 20

MCE the voice ATC for X-Plane edition


MCE for FF 777  US$ 20

MCE for QPAC A320 US$20



I let you fill the void. ^_^

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Note removed. Inciting/offensive comments unfairly directed against a competitors product and business model.

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Thanks for the honest response. I don't want to seem like I am too demanding. I just happen to have 777 and I finally warmed up to MCE for X-plane. So of course, I would love to have it supported within your timeline. I really hope you don't go the FS2Crew payware model.

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