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Sorry another Run-time error 9 thread

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Yeah I have Googled the error and read all of the fixes but still get it.


Exact Error:

runtime error '9'




I call CLR by FSS

Phone dials (which is really cool btw) the guy says he will call it in and then I get the error.


I have:

Updated makerunways to the latest and ran it, My FSUIPC is up to date, Multi line is ticked in the FSUIPC options, RC is 4.3.3845, using PFPX (up to date) plans it has created in the past have all worked with RC, not starting RC until at gate, tried different parking spots, UAC is off.


Tried it several times and same error.



PAYA Orbx,


RC Plan reads:

PAYA to PANC@16000 (Alt1- , Alt2-) / YAK.KATAT.CASEL.JOH. *RVSM


Controller Flight Options:

D/ATIS(0) D/CD(0) D/GND(0) D/TWR(0) D/DEP(0) D/ARR(0)
A/ATIS(11840) A/GND(12190) A/TWR(11830) A/DEP(12640) A/ARR(12640)


Much appreciated - Most of my problems I have solved on my own with search feature but so far this one is dug in like a Alabama tick. hehe

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Error 9 means "subscript out of range".


Make sure in Win, "." (Win set at US version) is the decimal separator, not ","

If specifying a gate no space between letter characters and numeric.


Make sure you used the correct path to FS.


Be sure FS is set to not relocate your aircraft on loading an FS plan into its planner.


Be sure your flight plan loaded into RC agrees with the FS plan and your starting location.


Try a different voice set for the controller. There might be a missing wav file.


Run your tests only with RC and FS running.


Is this occurring at a specific location?


Here is the plan I built in FS9 format:


title=PAYA to PANC
description=PAYA, PANC
departure_id=PAYA, N59* 30.11', W139* 39.36',+000033.00
destination_id=PANC, N61* 10.26', W149* 59.53',+000151.00
waypoint.0=PAYA, A, N59* 30.11', W139* 39.36', +000000.00,
waypoint.1=YAK, V, N59* 30.38', W139* 38.53', +01000.00,
waypoint.2=KATAT, I, N60* 15.29', W144* 42.18', +16000.00,
waypoint.3=CASEL, I, N60* 19.52', W145* 17.54', +16000.00,
waypoint.4=JOH, V, N60* 28.51', W146* 35.57', +16000.00,
waypoint.5=PANC, A, N61* 10.26', W149* 59.53', +000000.00,



and in FSX format:


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="Windows-1252"?>

<SimBase.Document Type="AceXML" version="1,0">
    <Descr>AceXML Document</Descr>
        <Title>PAYA to PANC</Title>
        <DepartureLLA>N59° 30' 11.00" , W139° 39' 36.00",</DepartureLLA>
        <DestinationLLA>N61° 10' 26.00" , W149° 59' 53.00",</DestinationLLA>
        <Descr>PAYA, PANC</Descr>
        <ATCWaypoint id="PAYA">
             <WorldPosition>N59° 30' 11.00",W139° 39' 36.00",</WorldPosition>
        <ATCWaypoint id="YAK">
             <WorldPosition>N59° 30' 38.00",W139° 38' 53.00",</WorldPosition>
        <ATCWaypoint id="KATAT">
             <WorldPosition>N60° 15' 29.00",W144° 42' 18.00",</WorldPosition>
        <ATCWaypoint id="CASEL">
             <WorldPosition>N60° 19' 52.00",W145° 17' 54.00",</WorldPosition>
        <ATCWaypoint id="JOH">
             <WorldPosition>N60° 28' 51.00",W146° 35' 57.00",</WorldPosition>
        <ATCWaypoint id="PANC">
             <WorldPosition>N61° 10' 26.00",W149° 59' 53.00",</WorldPosition>


for you to try. Just paste the FS9 or FSX version (use wordpad to create the file by copying and pasting the appropriate text above and save in text mode placing it as PAYA-PANC.pln in the appropriate FS folder under your My Documents).


Also, in the RC controller page, make sure the frequencies look good for your non-controlled departure airport. (I can tell because you are using FSS to get weather and to file.)


In RC\data folder open a4.csv in wordpad just to read it. Don't let Excel or a database app open it. Compare the coordinates you have in your plan to the two airports in a4.csv. (The coordinates in the pln files I buiit come from the FSBuild database.

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Hey Ron - Again thanks for always being there to help. I am working my way down the list and will report back when I find the culprit. :)

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Hey Ron,


Just wanted to return and let you know I got it working.


Not positive which one of the above procedures you outlined worked (I went thru most). I believe it was my copilot and a controller having the same voice (thought I had fixed that in the past but it was there again). At least it worked in an uncontrolled AP today. I will return to PAYA on my south circuit later this week and be sure it is working there also.


I do have another issue and could start a new thread or.....


Is there a way to get more time from the FSS for clearance before take off. He gives 20 minutes but even when rushing in the J4100 and trying getting airborne I could not do it in under 20 minutes. Tried a few different ways to prep with my FsCrew and check list. But in the flow it takes longer than that.


I could just wait and get it right before take off but that is not in the flow since I have to give clearance brief to my copilot before continuing the check list and engine start.


I need at least 30 minutes.



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Do as much of the aircraft prep as you can before getting ATC clearance at an uncontrolled airport. It is not adjustable.


Anticipate the weather and runway in use and brief accordingly. However, presence of ai even on uncontrolled fields can affect the RC assigned runway. A phone clearance for take-off may not dictate the runway to use. If a SID/DP is present more than likely you'll be joining it at some point.


is runway independent for your purposes as the ODP has you merge onto R297 of SSR and crossing it SSR is only about 20 nm from PAGS so RC will consider you doing your own navigation with or without altitude contrictions.


Also you are 41 miles from Juneau airport outside its DP protection limit.


If RC has an acknowledgement for the clearance, hold off on the ack a bit to lengthen the time - maybe - but don't wait too long as you want to ack so you get waypoint credit if you cross any. RC will not see you crossing a waypoint if you have any outstanding acks.


The RC twenty minute void time is based on FAA real world procedures.


I am not familiar with FS2Crew briefing in that how much is required prior to take-off.


Don't forget you can contact center as far as RC is concerned when you are 1,000 feet AGL. Yes, you'll be busy.

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Thanks! Yeah I will just notify traffic (instead of FSS) while on the ground and get airborne before contacting Center.


hold off on the ack a bit to lengthen the time - maybe That might work too. But that guy seems like he is in a bad mood already - especially when I miss my time for TO.


I just enjoy the cool phone call feature. Last time my FsCrew copilot was yelling at me for taxiing to fast trying to make the FSS contact 20 minute time. haha


Your help has been greatly appreciated!

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One additional note is that in certain situations of a frequency being repeated FS will fail even though you are not using FS ATC. FSUIPC attempts to guard against that. It is an FS bug.

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