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DX10 Fixer Shadow - Issue!

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I've a big issue with the shadows on the exterior view. When the sun is in front of the aircraft and I use the exterior view I have strange shadows at the aircraft. Here are 2 pictures which explain my problem:




I have no idea why I have this problem it looks really bad and it makes no fun to fly with this issue and nothing helps....


I use a GTX560 with the newest driver and I use the Nvidia Inspector too. I dont believe that SweetFX is the problem so I need your help!


Thanks :)

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One other person reported the what may be a similar problem in this thread


but unfortunately he didn't do the tests I requested.


Perhaps if you could read through the thread and then do those tests for me.


Its extremely hard looking at those pictures to work out where the sun is and so to understand exactly what is right and what is wrong.


Just pick one aircraft that has the problem, make sure that ezdok isn't involved and do a set of shots in DX9,

DX10 without DX10 fixer libraries installed

and then with DX10 fixer as you alter the Shadow version


Then show me the stock A320 in exactly the same setting with DX10 Fixer.

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I will try it!


BTW: No change when I erase SweetFX, change NI settings, old gpu-driver!!!!!





I trew it but I noticed that I have the shadow issue with DX9 and the normal DX10 too.... I believe its not because of your tool!

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I cannot see your pictures anymore, but I cannot recall seeing anything wrong with the base DX9/DX10 pictures.


All I could see was an aircraft with an environment reflection which causes a dark light line down the aircraft depending on whether it is reflecting the land or the sky. It may be that the repaint you are using has too high a reflectivity setting for your taste?


The DX10 with the fixer looked the same although there was some light shading of the tail that puzzled me - I would like confirmation whether you are in spot view or using a custom camera and a comparison of the same shot of the stock A320.

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