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Stinson Field - Celebrates 100 Years - 2nd oldest continuously operating airport in the US

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In December, Stinson Municipal Airport marks the 100th year since its founding.  Today, the second-oldest continuously operating airport in the US, Stinson is San Antonio’s primary reliever for general aviation traffic and home to several businesses including Palo Alto College, Alamo Helicopter Tours, Texas Air Museum and Sky Safety. Over the last century, from its site near San Antonio Missions, Stinson has witnessed the history of aviation, from barnstormers to jets, and the history of San Antonio, from military outpost to today’s city on the rise. Started by a pioneering aviation family, the airport began as the Stinson School of Flying, a legacy revealed in its unique airport code SSF. While Eddie Stinson went on to establish the successful Stinson Aircraft Company, sisters Marjorie and Katherine taught and inspired the first generation of pilots.  

Young Katherine Stinson - who was born on February 14, 1891 - garnered worldwide celebrity for her record-setting exhibition flights, becoming the first woman to perform maneuvers like the “loop- the-loop” stunt.  Known as the Flying Schoolgirl, Katherine toured the globe as a famous barnstormer before becoming the first female pilot to fly U.S. Air Mail and volunteering as a Red Cross ambulance driver in Europe during World War I. After retiring her wings, Katherine went on to start a family and launch another long and productive career in Santa Fe. In her second career, Katherine excelled as an influential architect whose work helped shape the modern Santa Fe style.

On the occasion of Katherine Stinson’s birthday and St. Valentine’s Day, we invite you to fall in love with the story of Katherine Stinson, the Stinson family and Stinson Municipal Airport.

Over the next several months, stay tuned for more information, as we schedule events and programs that help commemorate a Century of Aviation at Stinson.

Learn more at Stinson100.com or find Stinson Municipal Airport on Facebook.





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Thanks for postiing.  The Stinson family has a great aviation legacy.

I used to own a Stinson.  Rebuilt it myself.  A great airplane.


Jerry Allen (jetjerry)

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