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  1. jerry allen

    DC-6 update

    Update for this post: Jerry
  2. Kyle, I don't have more information at this time because once again you say "YES" to the AFE guarding the carb-heat and not allowing this to happen. Yet, further down your post, you say "It depends on a number of things". Well, which is it. YES or NO? If as you say, it depends on other things, then what are those things? If you would provide more information perhaps I would have a better understanding of what the AFE is doing in regards to carb-heat. Thank you, Jerry Allen
  3. Is it then correct to assume the AFE is handling the carb heat controls so as to avoid carb ice? I just flew through known icing conditions with the AFE active, and my engines did indeed ice-up and the carb-ice warning was displayed. Two engines failed due to carb ice (I wanted to see if the AFE would allow this to happen). He did. I could NOT adjust the carb heat controls as long as the AFE was active. Do I misunderstand the AFE duties here? With what you've said in this thread I thought this couldn't happen. Thanks, Jerry Allen
  4. jerry allen

    Flashing over gauges

    I have the same problem with flashing gauges in the center panel area with lights "on" (HDR selected). I have Nvidia driver 361.91 and it made no difference. I changed shadows settings, and no difference. What worked for me was deselecting draw per pixel lighting. jetjerry ...........Jerry Allen
  5. jerry allen

    SID Speed Rest.

    The 250 below 10,000' is a regulation. The SID restrictions are ATC procedural. ATC has the authority to cancel or modify procedural restrictions, but not regulatory restrictions. jetjerry
  6. jerry allen

    Saitek Yoke on Rails Mod

    Thank you for posting this. I have a Saitek yoke that sits in the closet because I find it unusable with it's binding. I've been trying to figure out how to make a floor mounted column yoke out of the Saitek, which I still may try, but your idea is rather simple, innovative and inexpensive. If I run into trouble with the column, then I'll give your idea a try. Thank you, jetjerry
  7. jerry allen

    (Help!) FSX 737 tilting/stalling on approach!

    You are flying the 737 grossly overweight. For a 20 minute flight load 10,000-20,000 pounds of fuel total (200-300 us gallons). Use a load of less than full. Fly it at an altitude of 14,000-15,000 feet. Intercept the ILS 5nm outside the OM at 2000' above the airport elevation. Have fun. jetjerry
  8. jerry allen

    Lyon, France to Monaco

    Beautiful shots. Thanks for posting. I made this trip for real back in 1968 in a DHC-3 Otter. I still remember how beautiful the area is. We turned the corner at Monaco and landed at Pisa. The good old days. jetjerry
  9. jerry allen

    Aerofoillabs Cessna 172 SP!

    To LAdamson, The Skyraider was a great airplane, but was not the most powerful single engine piston machine. Look up the Martin Mauler sometime. It had 3000HP. The Skyraider replaced it. jetjerry
  10. jerry allen

    [Beta Preview] DC-6 for X-Plane

    Beautiful! A real airplane.
  11. jerry allen

    SMS Beaver X-Plane=Love

    Nice shot, great airplane!
  12. jerry allen

    MD-80 Project Update

    Will there be a single cue FD option? That's what the ones I flew had.
  13. jerry allen

    PMDG DC-6B on approach

    Day one purchase for me. One of the best prop-liners of all time!
  14. I use a second monitor. XP on primary and map program on the other. Plan-G is excellent. It even gives flight following for XP.