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FSX:SE Program exiting to desktop without error message

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Hello AVSIM Community,


I recently purchased a Lenovo Y40-70 with a i7processor, 12gb ram, windows 8.1 64 bit and a amd radeon graphics card.

I then purchased the FSX steam version. Since I have bought the program, I have been having issues with the program quitting to the desktop without explanation. At first I assumed I had a CTD issue however, I looked in the event logs and even contacted Dovetail games support and downloaded appcrash and found no evidence of any CTD. I am able to fly airplanes in the program but what happens, is when I attempt to open a menu (to select a plane or airport for example), the program freezes and closes to the desktop.


I have done some research on the issue and have tried a few steps to alleviate the problem. So far none of these steps have been successful.


1. Verified file integrity with the steam program found sim connect had a problem and I fixed it but, the program still quits.

2. I have installed fsuipc

3. Experimented with replacing uiautomationcore.dll with the one used on fslabs site

4. Reinstalled entire program


Can anyone please advise any additional steps I can take on this issue.




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When you installed the program, did you right click the installation program and select "run as administrator"?  Did you disable UserAccessControls and any anti-virus program before installing?  Windows 8.1 has much more security built into the program and I believe it causes programs for some installations if things are not done exactly as I indicated here.  I would not mess with the uiautomationcore.dll as Dovetail put it there for a reason. 


If you were flying an aircraft for a long period of time and then decided to try another aircraft, you could be running low of virtual address space (VAS) especially if you had your settings set high to the max.  I do not think any computer system made today can handle that torture for any length of time and the sim will simply freeze up and go back to the desktop (which is a CTD).  Most of the time you should receive an error message in the event viewer.  In the AVSIM CTD Guide around page 2, we have included instructions on looking at your event viewer in Windows 7 and also Windows 8.  It is very important that you only look at Custom Views>Administrative Events.  This will show you all of the events that have occurred since turning on your computer from all of the different locations within the Event Viewer.  As far as AppCrashView not showing anything, you may not have enough rights to view any of the hidden reports (.wer).  So they could be there but your system has so much security it will not allow you to see hidden system information.


The AVSIM CTD Guide provides information about VAS and Out of Memory issues (you aren't really out of RAM but you are out of virtual address space and every computer system only gets 4GB's).  When FSX-SE takes up all of that space because you have high settings and a lot of eye-candy turned on, it will eventually bring your system down.  This is the biggest problem right now with fast and powerful computers.  Everyone thinks they can crank up the settings and they can but not for long.  Back a few years ago, say around 2010/2011, we did not see this problem or say it very rarely as everyone had low performance computers then and they were forced to lower their settings.


Hope this helps.


Best regards,

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